The lazy old lady with legs that hurt and a dirty mind that refuses to move her butt (well, until,)…
- And the cutest thing ever.

Out there in the park today, was interesting! Is, actually! This is a work in progress. Well, at least I stepped away to the monkey bars after a long session of the JCVD split and more.

As I was working out, stretching out to the max, a little kid, perhaps all of 2 couldn’t stop staring.

I normally get really irritated when adults stare holes through you which they often do.

But little kids do it so innocently it’s the opposite. As the little girl tried to do splits, I was reminded of two things – one, setting the right example which kids naturally ape. And two, just how flexible we are naturally as kids, care free – and how this changes beyond age 5 or so.

And when she tried to do the splits, it was all I could do not to “burst into tears” (in a good way, memories of my own little girl at that age flooding back) and help her out. Hehe.

She was naturally doing more than what most fat lazy adults do.


Felt an adult staring holes through me, a girl no less. And her elderly mother no less. Ugh.  They still are as I type this.

Now, this was clearly annoying the way they kept staring at me. Full credit to the baby’s mother who was even worried that the baby would disturb me. No way, I said laughing. She’s too young!

It was fun with the little teeny baby trying to follow along!

But anyway, young girl (the staring Bozo who was looking for an excuse to chat – I know women – I can tell, the neon lights were blinking from afar) –  finally spoke – and I was more than a tad annoyed but tried not to show it.

The issue?

Teach Ma ji some exercises! Her legs are hurting!

Ma ji is how any elderly female is referred to in India apparently. Elderly mom.

I responded with “well, she’ll have to get up and MOVE her ass”. Hehe.

It was irritating, fat old woman lying there complaining about her goddamned legs, yet too lazy to move her arse and stretch. And of course her daughter, equally lazy.

Let people work out in peace, folks. By Ll means be lazy fat fools if you want but disturbing those that DO something as Marc the African Silverback Gorilla once commented (rightly) on the jackass in China badgering me about why I worked pull-ups so hard and according to him not my mind …

I told her what to do for her aching legs. I told her it would involve getting off her fucking duff too. She didn’t quite like it especially not my snarlimg tone, though the younger one was creaming her damn panties apparently at it.

And then ..

“Agar let ke hi karna hai, to per daba do” i told the young girl.

If she wants to be lazy, just press her legs.

“Press” being how India refers to “massage” as (literal Hindi translation or transliteration as it were). Done right even a massage would do more for the old codger than lying there like a horribly ugly beached whale, flabby tummy sprawling out of her damn sari.

The sari I’ve often said can be incredibly sexy and attractive, and flattering to a woman – of any shape, but if the intention is to show flab off, well….

Literally as they spoke Hindi I thought the older lady was asking me to press her legs!

That was the vibe they gave off, both of them.

Glyn, where are you when you’re needed?

He’d have shot his wad just listening I bet. Of course, those girls wouldn’t go anywhere near him. Hehe.

Mother daughter duo indeed. Hehe. Cougar or what not…

She probably IS wanting it too (no question about the daughter), come to think of it ..

I’ll pass. Thank you, but no thanks!

Anyway, little kids trying to follow along on the monkey bars, and more ..

Id rather workout with them than the best majority of adults Bozos.

And thats that.

Superlative stretching out in the winter sun today. Felt great.

More soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – “Credit” (I use quotes for a reason) – looking back after I turned my back to them, was about to leave – old lady did actually finally get off her duff trying to follow along with me (after her daughter told her numerous times to perhaps?).

Still basically just moving for movings sake – she wanted the lazy man’s (woman’s) cure and more (ugh) but better than nothing, I suppose.

And this after he daughter was telling her to ask me “ask him how if you don’t know, he will tell you” she kept giggling – which I would if the vibe was one of being less LAZY…

People, people.

Sometimes, you gotta snarl! Hehe.

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