Train the GRIP. Train the MIND!
- So it IS.

So it is, my friend. So it IS!

Yesterday was one of them rare days, at least for me where I didn’t do very many pull-ups or grip training at all. In fact, and again, at least for me, depsite my isometrics and long walks, I didn’t even feel like I really trained hard yesterday.

I’m not sure why. But grip work and pull-ups (and CORE work – ask Brooks Kubik the waist whittler, hehe) are something everyone should do – to a degree in every workout – te precious few do – even fewer do it right.

There’s so many keys to pull-ups my friend.

One being something I’ve said repeatedly.

Do NOT let the thighs come up parallel to the floor as you do them.

I’ve said it so many times, yet, I see this rookie mistake all the time with folks.

In Pull-ups – from Dud to STUD within WEEKS – indeed, a manual you can follow for the rest of your life and make great gains, I talk about doing them with legs crossed at the ankles.

In Battletank Shoulders we go advanced, legs STRAIGHT. (Ditto for “Pull-ups – from STUD to Super STUD within WEEKS)

In both cases though, you do NOT let the thighs come up as you do the exercise.

There is a reason, a damned good reason the great David Goggins is mentioned on the sales page for that book. One is that he’s the studliest of them all at it, even surpassing me (yes – hehe) at my favorite exercise which I can do better in my sleep than most, including so called serious trainees could do wide awake – but the other and more important reason – if YOU, part of a select very few are one of those people who wants to reach and then surpass Goggins levels at this exercise, then this book will get you there. Period. It is the ONLY, emphasis – book of its kind out there that makes these claims and backs it up as well. For a good reason again – and note..

When I say want, I mean truly want.

Not just want and say “too tough” or “I’m big not fat but and so I can’t do them” or other ridiculous, retarded nonsense about body type being wrong etc ..

I mean want and then get to it with a VENGEANCE, do what it takes to become the BEST and then some at the one exercise that is the most important, that folks love to ignore…if they do it(right) at all.

Anyway – getting back to it –

That’s really ie what I mention above (form) especially that last inch at the top which gets the traps “mountainous” working – the lower abs which most ignore SIZZLING – and that X shape you so covet going – how you really get the Max bang ouf of this great exercise . Even folks good at it forget this basic once in a while.

Many other things including thick grips, thick iron bars (I still remember the African Silverback Gorilla once shaking my hand and saying “damn, those are some rough hands!” – indeed, you’d be forgiven for thinking those are manual laborers hands, hehe) – PRONATED grip above all, less reliance on chin ups, hammer grip pull-ups (the toughest and most natural is what you need to be doing, period – how natural is supinated grip for one??) .

Anyway, this one tip is key to getting triceps blazing during pull-ups as well. Most people have this very erroneous notion that triceps aren’t used in pull-ups – oh YES they are.

And mine have been super sore yesterday – they felt like pulp and not muscle. Literally.

Amazing though it might sound, it wasn’t high rep pushups, pull-ups, or other huff puff stuff that did it.

It was an isometric that will be there in the third Volume of Isometric and Flexibility Training. Its already been shown on my YouTube channel where I lie on the floor (hard mattress)- legs STRAIGHT up…

It’s not training for porn, it ain’t “just yoga”.

It’s something most of you reading CANNOT do, and something most will amazingly diss as being too simple or easy despite you not being able to DO it.

“I’m not a yoga guru! Sniff!”

I ain’t either.

Stop classifying things. Stop putting yourself & exercise in “brackets”. Life too. That’s one of the dumbest, most dufferish ways to live life, if you can even call that living. (Sadly a lot so).

And it’s that exercise that truly fired up and FRIED my triceps…

Maybe that’s why it was a light day yesterday. Who knows.

But today, as I headed to the pull up bar with a vengeance – as I focused MORE on FORM – thick grips in the COLD – man.

Ideas aplenty flooded, which they hadn’t yesterday to the degree they normally do.

Indeed, I recall walking back from the park wondering “why I hadn’t written as much as I normally do”, half baked ideas in my mind , note of course I’m talking “by my lofty standards”.

No such ruminations today. None at all!

Your palms contain pressure points directly linked to the brain my friend. And that, is yet , not above all, but right up there – that GRIP training done right is so damn important.

And thats that for this one. I’ll be back soon I’m sure.


Rahul Mookerjee

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