The deep breathing workout

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Dear reader,

Well, well, WELL! If there’s one routine amongst all my “patented” routines that I could give to you as a “pick me up remedy” that will NEVER fail provided you do it right, THIS is it!

If there is ONE routine I could give you that is almost equal to, or ON PAR, I’ll say on today’s evidence with the VERY BEST DARN exercise there is (done in reps, of course), then THIS is it.

I call it the deep breathing workout, and what is it, you might ask?

Well, contrary to what you imagine there ain’t no darn yoga involved here. No “sitting on your arse and meditating” (although this can be a good practice in many ways – just ask Bodhidharma for one, hehe).

It wasn’t simply breathing either.

No – what  it WAS was a regular workout, but I really, really, really and REALLY focused upon my BREATHING.

More so than I normally do. I ALWAYS focus “deeply” upon deep breathing, but today, my dear reader was something else altogether.

I focused on the MECHANICS of the exercise, and slowly performing EACH REP in MORE THAN letter perfect form, and double that for the BREATHING! Slow, deep, inhales and exhales on every rep. Man, oh man oh MAN, what a WORK-OUT!!!!!!

Believe it or not, I had a stiff back from too much “pounding away at the keyboard” today and a lot of folks out there would have given up doing any pushups at all citing “sore muscles”, or “muscle strains”.

And truth be told, I DID have a slight muscle strain of sorts in my right mid-back region. I could “feel” it when I breathed deeply, but now?

ALL GONE, my friend. It was as if the pain was never there, as I literally BREATHED LIFE into the muscle.

I literally WILLED the soreness, and the mild strain away – and how ? Simply by virtue of deep, focused BREATHING.

The above might sound strange to the casual reader. So be it. DO – and you shall know what I mean.

My butt and thighs are so damned sore now – not what I had budgeted for by the way at the start of the routine, especially not considering all I did by way of squats was a 100.

I certainly didn’t think it would be a 150 “favorite exercise routine” either!

Some easy exercises became tough as hell when I *mega* focused upon my breathing. Some toughies became easy. And so forth. Such is life when “exercising in the flow” as it were.

As for budgets, it ain’t gonna cost ya a penny to get down on the floor and pound out some pushups now, my friend.

Do it – join me – and REPORT BACK!



P.S. – Don’t know how to do the exercises I rave about? Well, $25.99 ain’t gonna hurt the budget either, “boyo” – here you go then without further ado – The Book

P.S. #2 – Ultra perfect reps aren’t always needed, by the way. But you DO need focus upon form to get the  MAX benefit out of each exercise, and also to avoid injury.

You DO need to focus upon your breathing as well. Take a gander at how I’m “huffing and puffing” after my workout and yet return to normalcy just a few seconds after a toughie right HERE – Videos

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