Get the BARREL chest you’ve ALWAYS CRAVED!

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Dear reader,

If you’re a guy reading this, chances are excellent you agree 100% and more with the title of this blog post.

Let’s face it – a barrel chest is one of the primary reasons why most guys even BEGIN to train (regardless of the specifics of their training regimens) – and this “image” alone serves as a huge motivating factor for most men.

So if you’re one of those guys – read on – today’s email is for YOU.

And if you’re a gal reading this? Well, read on anyway as the “barrel chest pushup” that I’m about to tell you about holds numerous benefits for YOU as well!

Most folks don’t realize just how easy it is to build a solid and functionally powerful chest with pushups alone.

That’s right – the good old pushup and all its variations will build the chest of your DREAMS – and there are some variants that will make even advanced trainees SCREAM with mercy after a couple of reps – and no, I ain’t kidding.

In the book I detail plenty of different TOUGH pushups, including, but not limited to the Hindu pushups, “table” pushups, my all time favorite exercise and many many more, and truth be told you could get a barrel chest by doing a FEW of these alone.

That’s right – just a few – but the one I’m going to tell you about today is one which (I suppose due to it’s very simplicity) ends up being ignored by many readers.

What is this type of pushup, you ask?

Well, simple, my friend.

Point your fingers towards EACH OTHER i.e. turn your wrists such that your finger point TOWARDS EACH OTHER when you’re in the regular pushup position – and thats all. Bang out a few reps in this position, and I’ll be a “horse’s Uncle” if you can pound out even 10 of these in proper form without collapsing.

Believe me, this is one of the toughest variants – and it’ll QUICKLY get you on the road to getting that “barrel chested” you’ve always dreamed about.

Note – work into this with caution. Those of you that are overweight may have a hard time even HOLDING this position. Those of you that are “somewhat” fit may not be able to do it either. As with all the other stuff I recommend – begin with due caution, and go at a pace right for you!

And ladies – this exercise WILL tone those “bingo wings” and “flabby upper chest” issues which a lot of y’all have. Try it, and let me know!

As mentioned, this is but one variant of the pushup. If you’re currently unable to do a single rep – and believe me, a lot of you won’t be able to do it when first starting out – then run over HERE and grab a copy of the book for other somewhat easier variants.



P.S. – And if you’re still on the fence, wait no longer, my friend. That BARREL CHEST is WAITING for you – ALL you have to do is reach out and GRAB it with full force! Time waits for no-one, my friend. The results in life come to the DOERS as opposed to the procrastinators. Stop wasting time, and grab your copy NOW!

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