Being TRULY positive VS “pseudo” positive

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Dear Reader,

I’m not sure if it’s  just me, but it seems a lot of what I see in the online world (and in real life) these days is not only not truly positive – but fake to a “T”.

What do I mean?

Well, it seems there is this overwhelming trend these days to “overemphasize” the so called positives (selfies, for instance), and completely “ignore” (or downplay) “reality” (which as they say sometimes “bites”).

Reality sometimes DOES bite, and it seems the thing to do these days for most folks is to “sweep it under the carpet” as opposed to acknowledge it.

Not only that – simply “writing” positive things doesn’t get the job done, my friend.

You could wax lyrical about your vacations – – about your company’s services – – or your dinner last night for that matter – – but if you don’t truly FEEL positive – – chances are EXCELLENT that the reader of those words isn’t going to feel uplifted either.

True positivity does NOT come from words – or perfectly typed compositions – or good grammar for that matter.

It matters NOT what the person has written, or what topic is being written about. If the person writing it doesn’t feel positive – well – then it SHOWS – and shows BIG TIME.

I’ve often mentioned I can tell  a person’s mental state in this regard by reading what they’ve written – or even looking at their selfies, or what they’ve said etc. It’s a vibe that DOES SHINE through — and it’s something that we as humans cannot control – – in other words if you feel negative internally, all the hoo-haaing about “it being a positive situation” or “trying to take positives out of it” ain’t gonna work.

Now don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying be negative – the complete opposite, in fact.

What I AM saying though and what I’ve said all along is this – FEEL positive – from the inside out – and the way you start doing this is doing the VISUALIZATION techniques as I constantly “carp on” about, hehe.

Zero to Hero mentions one of these techniques that a student of mine used, and the results are there for all to see.

When folks read my writing they often tell me it’s “awesome” or that it’s got this “spark” coming from it – or that “I write really well” – and so forth.

All of that might be true, but why? There’s plenty of writers out there – what sets me apart from the “crowd” in that regard (especially given the grammar mistakes I make on occasion, and my “less than politically correct” writing if I might say so)?

Well it is this – I write – FROM THE HEART!

EVERYTHING I say is stuff I believe in – and TRUE – or I wouldn’t say it.

And it’s ME. Part of being truly positive is accepting who you are (and your current reality as well as your future reality that YOU create) and believe me, once you get to that level it’ll show in your writing and interactions with other people.

Back to “reality” – although yes, it’s good to focus on the positive, there is NOT anything to be gained by not acknowledging what needs to be acknowledged, and not saying what needs to be said.

Far too many people are scared to be the “nail that sticks out” – as I’ve been told many a times, thats the nail that usually gets the first hammer.

Now this is fine – especially if you are concerned about biz opportunities etc (as many are). It’s fine if you “want to say one thing in private” and the exact opposite in public as many people I know do.

All good – and hey, if that’s the way you choose to run your biz/life – you’ll hear NO argument from me!

All I can tell you is this – – I for one am committed to saying it like it IS – without fear of “offending” folks.

If there’s something that needs to be said, I’ll say it.

When I worked in the ESL industry and correctly called it for being a “dancing monkey” gig, for instance, my comments were widely decried – and yet these same people then came up to me in private and said “Hey, we agree with you – but we “can’t” say that publicly”.

Huh?? Can’t? Why not? Is there a legislation against saying it like it is?

I think NOT, my friend.

Funnily enough, those who say is like it is are also the ones most “followed” or “copied” etc. And thats a truism you’d do well to remember!

Long story short, you’ll always get the REAL deal from me. I’ve never been concerned about “losing biz due to being brutally frank” (heck, my books and courses are all written in that manner anyway) – and neither was I concerned about being the nail that sticks out.

If you’re getting it from Rahul Mookerjee – – you’re getting the real deal — and that is ALL there is to it, hehe.

Now, fitness wise what does this mean.

It means you visualize – set goals – but also choose to NOT ignore your current reality.

If you’re 130 plus kgs of pure “tub” (lard), for instance, and your goal is to  bang out a 100 pull-ups per workout eventually – well – GREAT.

Visualize – and start DOING as I recommend in “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a few WEEKS” – and you’ll be on the right track.

But, what if someone makes a comment about being a “lard ass” along the way?

What if folks tell  you “you’ll never be able to achieve your goal?”

The natural reaction would be to either fight said comments or simply try and be “psuedo positive” (a.k.a. the groups of people that are seemingly comfortable being “big” (read obese) and tom tom this as some sort of “virtue”).

‘Tis strange, but the “be comfortable with your body” movement (or the “it’s ok, you’ve got curves, honey” trend) apparently means being a lard ass and parading pics etc of the same is perfectly fine.

Geez, what a world it’s become when calling a spade a spade results in … ah, but  I desist, hehe.

What you do is this – you make a note of said comments. You even acknowledge it.

“Yes, I’m a lard ass – NOW”.

And as you do so, your RESOLVE to rise UP AND ABOVE your current state shoots to a new level – and soon enough you  do so – while the “commenters” curiously enough are still at the exact same place they were at when you BEGAN – and likely will be there the rest of their lives.

At THAT point, you can truly stand up, “beat your chest” (sorry, got that one from my baby Gorilla, hehe) and then proudly ask “NOW what?”

I bet you’ll hear crickets.

In closing then, as the immortal Napoleon Hill said – – “Tell the world what you’re gonna do – but SHOW ’em first!”

Be TRULY positive then – from the inside out – be true to yourself and others around you – and STAY THE COURSE, my friend.

It’ll all work out in the end – fitness wise or otherwise – and it’ll work out for the BETTER!

And that, my friend is that for today. Hope you enjoyed these tips as much as I did bringing them to you -and I’ll be back with MORE later!


Rahul Mookerjee

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