“Drop and give me 50!”
- And more if you CAN!

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Woke up this afternoon … I know, not morning, hehe.

But that’s my lifestyle – caveman lifestyle as it were, and since I was up until 4 or so creating a new product and configuring some plugins for the website, I figured I deserved the extra rest.

In any case, I normally arise at the early ole hour of 11 AM and today was 12. Just an hour extra, hehe.

Anyway, being the “workaholic” (fun-a-holic) that I BE, I jumped straight back into my work … neglecting something.

Not my morning tea.

Not trimming my beard, which is at a nice “stubble” like length these days. The archetypical “dirty” look, hehe, and so be it. Such are cave dwellers, hehe.

Certainly not putting out emails for my businesses.

And in the middle as I started chatting with a lady “Rainbow” about her business, I got it.

I wasn’t feeling peppy as I normally.

Wasn’t feeling the best … not bad, not real bad, in fact pretty good, but NOT the best.

And I paced around the room a bit, and suddenly shut down the laptop on a whim.

Did what came naturally next, and right now as I sit here breathing DEEPLY and sweating a tad bit, I feel every bit as awesome as I normally do, and am raring to go.

What did I do?

Drop down to the floor, give me 20 pushups.

20 table pushups.

15 “extended arm pushups”

And then 10 of my “patented” “palms inward” pushups which would make even the strongest man fall FLAT on their face when they first try it. Note – that’s why I urge you to exercise caution on this one in the book. Not only is it hard to explain via text alone, but it’s hard enough to DO – – even for advanced trainees.

That’s 65, and I added in a few stretches and then a squat or two, and I’m done.

Took no more than 7 minutes if even that. With no warm ups prior to that. No dallying and no diddling around.

Just drop down to the floor and give me 50 stuff, straight out of Heavy Metal Jacket as it were, hehe.

And that’s the perfect tonic to start the day, my friend. And that’s how YOU should start your day too.

I’m sitting here drinking puh er tea now. A perfect after workout beverage, but as I BASK in the glow, and prepare to “depart”, a couple of things.

Most people would be doing good to drop down and give me 25 straight right off the bat and that’s IT.

Or even 15.

Or even 10, or … believe it or not, FIVE.

Yes, the vast majority of men these days would struggle to do FIVE perfect pushups, and that ain’t no exaggeration, mi amigo.

And while Pushup Central gives you workouts and “progressions” that you can use to get better at the almighty pushup, truly the very best darn exercise out there, the fact is that even this might be a lot to do for some people.

Fear not.

My next dispatch will have a fitness test for you, which is easier than this one, and yet, I predict most of you will get a D or thereabouts in it.

No worries – so long as you honestly try – that’s what counts! Hehe …

And I’ll be back with that soon. All for now though -see ya later!


Rahul Mookerjee

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