“I won’t do HW for 700 days if I can do 700 pushups in an evening!”
- Now that was a deal and a half, hehe.

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So, I’ve been receiving some interesting responses to a question I recently posed on social media – – that being this.

Can YOU drop down and give me 50 – NOW?

And while I covered some of this in the last post, I’ll cover the REACTIONS and questions (or some, at any rate) here in this email since it might benefit those reading it.

For those that have more questions – email them my way, and we’ll see what we can cover in our daily broadcasts!

Anyway, the first comment was from my daughter.

“Daddy, you’re barred from the lunch table. You’re late as usual!”

“Hmm!” , she went, looking years older than her cute little six year old self …

“I’m so sorry, sweetie”

“No sorry, Papa! You should learn from me!”

And then she rattled off several points about how she’d been a good girl that day, listened to her parents, did HW etc ..

I managed to (finally) get a word in sideways.

“But I’m doing some good things too, honey. I did 100 pushups today!” (yes, I knocked off 35 more later, but that’s another story)

“100! How can you do that without …” (and here she mimicked a pull-up, and I corrected her).

“Pushups, honey, on the floor. Not pull-ups!”

(She automatically equates exercise with having a Gorilla Grip and doing tons of pull-ups, and being I got her started on both of those at the age of six months, hehe, can’t blame her for thinking that way!)

“You can do a million pushups”, she went on.

“Nah. Not quite there”, I laughed.

“Well … how about 700?”

“I can do 700 pushups!” she went on.

“Not me”, I laughed again. “My max has been 500. Probably could bang out more, but haven’t done 700 as yet” …

“But you can, of course, Gorilla Girl!”

She grinned.

So did I.

“Let’s make a deal honey” I continued.

“If you can do 700 pushups this evening, no more HW for 700 days!”

Hehe … and whether or not that deal will be honored remains to be seen, but for now, here is what Jake, a solid looking guy with a bit more fat around the midsection had to say about the pushup thingy.

His initial comment was a very candid “NO”.

And then …

(note – some of this is paraphrased for the purpose of keeping it as pithy as possible)

“I’d like to be able to do though”

And he went on to send me a picture of himself.

“I’m definitely fat. Obviously overweight. But … I’m pretty strong and don’t look awful, hehe”

He then went on to ask if I had any suggestions for him. He’s been hitting the gym as of late – a lot – but has recurring knee pain, most likely (according to him) due to being a tad bit overweight …

My response?

“Jake, you’re nowhere near as overweight as most people are (and he isn’t, to be honest. Bit more extra fat than he should have yes, more on the chest area than he should, and perhaps the chin, but overall, not anywhere near what I’ve seen in “my days”, hehe).

Yeah, the knee pain etc. Probably because you’re doing too much gym stuff. I’d advocate hiking more for your weight. Climb that hill a couple of times or more a day, and work up to running it. That’s all the strength and conditioning you need at this point.

And cut back on the beer (man boobs etc?).

But really, with the right workouts, you can get away with a lot more in terms of a bad diet than youd think. Not ideal but …

It’s not about strength being exerted “one time”. IT’s about being able to use that SAME amount of strength and exert the SAME FORCE repetitively over and over again a.k.a as in a boxing or wrestling bout. That’s what real strength and conditioning is about!”

“Good advice”, he responded.

Another dude, Paulo (him of Pizzeria Calzone, hehe, them folks from Portugal that have been making, and serving great pizza from wayyyyyyyyyy back in the day. If you’re ever Dongguan side, let me know and I’ll hook y’all up, hehe) had this to say –

“50! No way!”

And he followed up with …

“I’m happy with 25. Well, maybe 12. 25 after a couple of days….”

My response?

“Paulo, do what you can bro. Gotta start someplace. Start at 12 and work up from there. Key as always, is getting STARTED!”

To which Jake responded as such …

“I can do 25 slow strict pushups, I think …”

And yours truly …

“Do them in sets of 25 then. Mike Tyson did them in sets of 50 so 25 ain’t a bad start, hehe. Or 25, 15, 10 and …. Ladders. Pyramids. Whatever floats your boat. More than one way to skin that cat, or …BEAST, hehe”.

And so goeth that bit of feedback. There’s more on my LinkedIn page, but I’ll share that later!

Last, but not least, in all this, I’ve completely forgotten to give you the “test” I promised I would in the last email.

Mea culpa, but I’ve got that written – and that WILL be the next one out – stay tuned!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Another link I sent Jake was the link detailing the physical movements which EVERY MAN should be able to do to save his own life … as laid out by the old timers, no less. Fitness benchmarks for REAL men indeed – check it out here – https://0excusesfitness.com/2018/06/12/fitness-benchmarks-for-real-men/

P.S #2 – If all this talk about pushups has got you FIRED up, and RARING to go, well, breathe that fire on over HERE, my friend – https://0excusesfitness.com/pushup-central/

P.P.S – Don’t forget up to pick up Advanced Hill Training while you’re at it – right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/advanced-hill-training/

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