The lower back / core fitness test
- CAN you pass it?

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Dear Reader,

With the increasing amount of glutenous maximuses all over the globe, and the lockdown seemingly NOT helping the cause, here is a short, sweet and simple test of fitness – endurance – and overall strength levels in your core.

This is the LOWER back/core fitness test #1. There are more, but lets start with this.

The “table test”, as it were.

Those familiar with my writings will know what this test IS, but they probably haven’t taken it before – – at least not in “test” format, hehe.

And it’s simple.

Get down on the ground.

Push yourself up on your palms and legs (such that your back remains parallel to the floor), legs bent at the knees so that the lower legs are perpendicular to your body.

Make sure to keep the head BACK while in this position.

Get into position – – if you can.

Here’s how I grade it.

If you can hold this position for a minute to begin with – you’re at ACE level.

If you can go for longer (remember, no resting – – I mean a minute plus CONSECUTIVE hold), well, kudos. Ace ++, and if you send me a video of yourself at that level doing the exercise for a minute or more, I might just give you a 10% discount on your next purchase off the site!

If you can hold for 30 seconds – 1 minute, well, congratulations again. You’re at ADVANCED level … You can still get better, but you’re doing pretty well already.

And now, we get to the “meat of the matter”, and (unfortunately) where most people “stand on this” …

If you can barely GET into the position, let alone hold it, then you’ve got a) WAY too much fat around the midsection, and b) have a lower back that cannot support the excess flabbage on it – and is likely weak and achy as a result (and you likely have low energy levels throughout the day too).

You’re at “rank beginner” level if that is the case, but don’t worry. You’ve got plenty of company there, hehe, and you CAN improve – if you want to!

If you can get into position, but your lower back starts shaking and butt starts to hurt within the space of a few seconds, then you’re at “beginner” level. Lots of room to improve, my friend.

And if you can manage 30 seconds – well – you’re at “getting there” level!

The second and third last levels are where most people are, unfortunately, but this can – and should be reversed.


Well, simply because holding this ONE position for time can do the following …

  • Lead to increased energy and stamina levels – throughout the entire DAY.
  • Build strength throughout the core and lower back, and arms as well (and when you add the pushup in as shown in Pushup Central, you amp the benefits received to another level altogether!)
  • Increased blood flow to the “nether” regions, and better performance you know where due to increased core strength, and I’m pretty sure I don’t need to expound on this one, do I? Hehe …
  • Reduced fat in the “glutenous maximum” (again, if you get my drift!)
  • An increased sense of “connection” to the ground – – and the Universe – – especially if you do this on a regular basis.
  • Increased strength and flexibility throughout the entire spine, which alone makes this exercise SO worth it

And more, but that’s the tip of the iceberg, my friend.

The “table” position is one of those fundamental positions EVERY adult should be able to get into, and hold – for a length of time.

Let me know how you do on this one. I’ll have more such “tests” for you in the future as well, hehe .


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – You’ll want to get into the best shape of your life so you can get into, and hold these positions for lengths of time and benefit immeasurably. Do so by getting a move on on the exercises mentioned in the 0 Excuses Fitness System right here – –

P.S #2 – If this position is confusing in terms of descriptions (it shouldn’t be, but IF) – check out my social media posts (Instagram for one) – and you’ll see me doing it. Follow along!

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