Some things just dont change…
- Hehe.

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A lot of things don’t.

I believe I wrote about this a while ago?

As companies globally revert to shipping “as it was in the 1960’s”, and the apathy, laziness, and disregard for one’s fellow human being just rises, I gotta say this …

But before I do, on a slightly humurous note – to me.

My daughter is “cheating” in her exams – so she told me.

Just like yours truly did – and everyone in the class did as well, hehe. We did inventively, with “little bits of paper” stuck up socks, underwear, and every other crevice we could find.

Bozo Schofield, of course, stuck it up the one crevice even the teacher wouldn’t look for (although given whats going on in some of the “Catholic schools”, churches etc – what a DISGRAC E- have you read the stories of abuse????? and in some and many cases, it’s WOMEN abusing girls! – just a disgrace, I thought… – I wouldn’t put it past some of them!) …

If caught, we’d just “eat” the paper.

I never was, fellow students often were. Hehe.

Bozo, I dont know how you ate that paper.

But apparently he did!

Or hed get a whack like none other from a cane or what not …

These days, from what I can glean, it’s become taking photos on the dumbphone and smuggling those into class. Hehe.

Some things dont change!

I keep telling my daughter ONE thing – for most things.

“If you wanna cheat on some things do it – but dont get caught!”

Now, I encourage her NOT to cheat – especially when it comes to English, communication skills etc

But I also know, from experience, she’s going to do it anyway … kids these days have become lazy like you wouldn’t imagine!

(Not their fault, of course, the environment around them) …

And so, if she’s going to do it anyway – I’d rather she TELLS me (as opposed to in my case where I wouldn’t dare tell my parents – hehe – reminds me of me burning exam papers etc with my friend Dheeraj when I was 17 so my Mom wouldn’t get a hold to them, hehe) … and then does it.

“Do everything”, I keep telling my daughter, but “tell me first”.

I draw the line at ACTIVELY helping her cheat though. Hehe.

If she’s gotta do it, she’s gotta learn how to be inventive enough to do it!

Hey, fair trade off, I think.

BUt anyway …

The world – my friend, and PEOPLE- just, I Dont get it.

I had it out this morning with a guy I’ve done biz with for YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS.

He promised something in July, never got it done.

Almost three months, I still dont even have an answer on how much it will cost, IF he can do it, just “stringing me along” basically for months – I trusted him because of our past business dealings together, now, as he avoids my calls, messages and texts, I’ve come to the conclusion that I did a couple of months ago, and told Dani, who claims “I need to be patient, it’s COVID”.

No I dont.

COVID is a fucking excuse.

I mean, if you can’t get the job done – TELL Me – thats fine! But dont leave me hanging in the middle for MONTHS on end, literally …

Neither have Bozos, and their tendency to be that changed.

Y’all know this, of course.

And really, people are people beneath all the razmataz , dumbphones, gloss and glitter and so forth…

Always were, always will be.

And something that has NOT changed either is the need to keep yourself physically fit and strong in all regards, my friend.

You may think it’s just a sales pitch, but it ain’t either.

With life the way it is these days, you’d think MORE people would want to jump onto the bodyweight fitness bandwagon, because THAT at the end of the day is what really, really works!

Not the fancy gyms, mirrors, tanning oil, babes, and so forth.

Many people are, but have YOU invested in the System as yet?

LOTS of you, I haven’t called you out by name, have been on this list for YEARS.

You’re still on the fence??

I dont get it, friend – either you take action or you don’t …

I’m compiling a list of DOERS which I will put on the site shortly (more on that later) -and I’d love to see YOUR name there, my friend, as someone who truly cares about his health, strength, and fitness, someone who is willing to look past the BS, someone who KNOWS that REAL Training is what makes real men and so forth …

So dont disappoint me, my friend.

Get your paws on the system HERE.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – My daughter hates “losing” too. Big time! You should see her scowl after she loses – even if it’s a simple game of Scrabble or what not!

But THERE I give no quarters, friend.

I tell her its ok to hate losing, but being a brat and whining about it – no way!

THAT won’t help you win, honey, I tell her.

LEARN how to do it – then go out there – and WIN!!!

Thats how I did it, thats the spirit in which my products are written, and to be frank, that is how YOU should do it too … (and get started now, friend).

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