Why I KEEP sending out that email about reviews…
- That ole bugbear, hehe.

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Ya’ll have probably seen it multiple times already, the two emails on reviews – one, why you genuine customers SHOULD leave reviews – even if the book isn’t up to what you thought it would be – and two, well, to LEAVE a review, because it’s nigh required – because…

… well, because, and this is the answer, it’s needed!

I need to keep telling you to do this, because the number of trolls and do nothing’s, my friend, keeps increasing exponentially.

The latest madness on Shoulders like Boulders, for one … that review was most likely written by Schofield.

Trust me, he tried to change his normal tone and grammar up, but it has Schofield written ALL over it.

And the final proof is this – the name of the person never shows up, which is strange.

Except for ONE time in my life – on a site “Thats Dongguan” (a sister site Uncle Bob and I set up in somewhat sort of competition to the much more popular Dongguan Expat we were ALL a part of – mostly Michael and Michael i.e. me, hehe) – when some idiot was criticizing me for saying “$100 steaks – or hamburgers (believe me, it was Chinese style nonsense, certainly no Michelin, and in 2003 at that!) were expensive)” … and he refused to put his picture, or state his name.

I’ve no idea why, maybe he was a freaking coward, since there were a lot of expat Bozos at the time “on his side”.

(the restaurant, tho, went out of business, I still remember Bob ranting about “The Koreans support their businesses, the Japanese support the Sushi bars, even the INdians seem to support their curry houses, but Americans, they never support their own businesses, calling out the chef for taking a smoke break” (or something, I dont know what the tale was there!))

Uncle Bob was a true Southerner, hehe, man after my own heart, about as cranky on occasion, usually MORE. Hehe.

I’ll tell you a story sometime, about the old farts breakfast they had (myself the young fart was invited too, hehe).

But anyway, other than that one time?

People are loathe to leav ePOSITIVE reviews in general – and I get it.

Use a product, love it, but you forget or otherwise don’t leave a written review, hey, I GET IT!

I’ve done it myself too, human nature, even for companies I do repeat biz with.

But, most people, and here is where I differ are MORE than happy to leave NEGATIVE reviews if something is even a little off.

No, not all negative reviews are “bad” – some help us improve, to be honest!

So I encourage ALL reviews, good, bad, ugly – but the TROLLS are what I’m seeing more and more as of late, with nigh nothing to do on their hands, so they troll.

This guy calls himself “Amazon customer” which by itself, given the amount I’ve called Glyn out for his rubbish trolling on my books nails it for me.

Bozo, for what it’s worth, lost his ability to post reviews on Amazon – not, oddly enough because of his trolling in a negative sense, but the 5 star reviews – obviously FAKE AND SPAMMY – that he left – obviously in hopes of getting refunds or kickbacks from the seller – which Amazon is doing all it can to crack down upon.

Given the nonsense he wrote about his electric toothbrush, apparently he puts it in his rear end and controls via Bluetooth or some crap (I mean really, whats the world coming to when even a dang it toothbrush gotta be “smart”???) (only an idiot would use such a thing IMO)… and that review was too much even for Amazon, admittedly very lax on this.

And last, but not least – because the guy never BOUGHT the book.

Believe me, if he had BOUGHT the book and then complained like a lot of wackjobs and price shoppers do, I could understand it from a certain perspective, but this was someone – Bozo obviously who like with his other nonsensical reviews, and others said this too, has never either bought or read the books.

Sometimes, it happens – for genuine reasons.

I’ve had customers – even long term customers buy something, and then return it – and never tell me “why”.

Maybe they dont want to, hehe.

Thats fine – maybe they thought it would be something it wasnt, maybe “Junior’s school bills”, maybe shopping, maybe who knows what.

(usually it’s newbies though, but it’s happened on occasion with long term customers too).

But the trolls, it’s so obviously, they never ever BUY ANYTHING and yet leave long and silly so called reviews …

And it’s just increasing.

Hence, MY CALLS – to YOU – to leave reviews – INCREASE!

Because it’s warranted.

And because as Panourgias, one of our great and best customers once told me.

“Your books are the best”.

That they are.

And more than that being a badge of honor for me(though it is that) – the results they get YOU – are nigh spectacular.

So there it stands, friend.

As for the book in question, it’s Shoulders like Boulders!. 

And, I guaran-damn-tee you one damn thing, ain’t no-one teaching this great exercise like I am.


Click on over, grab the book, and you’ll see what I mean!


Rahul Mookerjee

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