Merry Christmas to all of you!
- The "yuletide" spirit?

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I still dont know what the term “Yuletide spirit” means, but I love spirit – of all kinds. Hehe.

Fiery ones, the “yellow suds” – and more!

And of course, the spirit that resides within all of us, guiding us always, whether we know it or acknowledge it – now that is a different issue.

Anyway ………

Merry Christmas to all of you – as we enter the final phase of it!

I just saw a post from someone on social media asking “can we cancel the holidays”?

This same person was complaining about job losses, the bozo HR recuiters who send you long copy and paste emails designed to “lure in the bait, but end of the day its all about how much $$ you want from the company and so forth.


I get it.

Been an even tougher year this one for many folks (remember what I said about 2020 end i.e. everyone jumping about 2021 will be BETTER!!!!!!!!!! And subconsciously they never felt it, hence ….!).

It’s a five year plan, China does thing in 5 years, I’ve gone hoarse saying it, believe it now or not, it will be proven in the future by events to come.

Events to come … Haha. There is a drastic one about to come into my life around 25 days later, I’m not sure what that event will be, but it will be very joyous!

More on that later. Spirit told me, for those that may ask “how I know”.

That thing about the “you’re a seer like Gandhi”, etc…

Anyway, beyond all this – in the sprit of Christmas (politically correct or not – yes, I know saying “Merry Christmas” has become politically incorrect these days, so be it! – I cannot stand it when it’s OK to say “Happy Diwali” or “Eid Mubarak” or what not, but Christmas, somehow not OK? I dont get it!) …

Once again – Merry Christmas!

And in the yuletide spirit, whatever that might be – ALL Offers on the site HERE ( have been extended until Dec 25, ending bang on target midnight of that day (i.e. before the 26th).

So hurry now, and get your last minute Christmas shopping done, my friend. Our books truly do make GREAT GIFTS, I’ll even autograph the last remaining copy of Fast and Furious Fitness – the Collector’s Edition for you if you want.

(I truly hope a DOER gets the last copy of that above book, it was where it all started, years ago in 2010 I believe …)

I can’t gift wrap it tho.

That I leave to the sissies, and since Bozo Glyn ain’t around… ?

And last, but not least, if you email me wanting IN on the Ship – special offer there too, till Dec 25 – but its a secret for the vast majority of you – you have to get in touch and ask!

And if you ask, yer shall GET.

My customers KNOW this for a fact.

Anyway – merry Christmas again – and happy shopping!


Rahul Mookerjee

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