A bonafide Lumberjack Workout!
- YES!!!

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Man, I’m zinging, sweating, singing with “pain and pleasure” (no BDSM, hehe) – and all of it.

I just got done with a brief 5 minute 10 squats workout, this was after 100 regular squats and a few more.

My core is on fire, abs are torched already.

I’m dripping with sweat, heart pounding like a SLEDGEHAMMER – which is appropriate, because that is the sort of squatting I did.

Sledgehammer squats, I could put it!

Except , I did it with mudgars.

These are a TOUGH workout – most of you – even those benching upwards of 350 or whatever in the gym will be well advised to go light, and get good at the basic club swings FIRST before doing these.

And it was only part of my overall workout.

No wonder people are looking at me in “wonder” these days, especially my CORE area i.e. what happened, rahul. Hehe.

Trust me, when yours truly gets to work, he GETS TO WORK.

Either work for a man, or not at all!

anyway ………….

These are done (sledgehammer squats) by bringing the club, or even better – MACE- up and above in a sledgehammer motion, squatting at the same time.

That one movement, there are so many variants I could create an entire workout just with that one movement.

This will torch the chest, grip, entire posterior chain – and CORE.

Oh yes.

And you can incorporate regular swings in it too …

And no, that “aint” all there is to it. You’ll have to LEARN how to do these first, either via video or the written word, a combo of both is best. Dont make the mistake of thinking “oh, so simple” and injure yourself. They ain’t oh so simple, the exact opposite.

Trust me, if you love my extreme workouts in Battletank Shoulders – in Animal Kingdom Workouts – then THIS book is for you.

And it will truly be like nothing else I’ve ever put out.

Get a pre-order in NOW, because THAT is what its about – locking in the price NOW, before I raise it.



Rahul Mookerjee

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