My homegrown remedy for them calluses.
- It's brutal, and it just flat out works!

Back when I had easily the most painful injuries, or one of them at any rate in terms of hand injuries – that thumb popping in and out on that cold icy winter evening 6:10 pm (I still remember the time) on a Wednesday in China on top of a deserted mountain (Qi Feng) … I was told to get many things done.

To ice it.

To give it the “hot water therapy” – whatever that was.

To take it to the doctor who would splint it.

It swole up to thrice it’s normal size, and the only thing I did was to hold a cold Corona which alleviated the pain somewhat – the next day?

Believe it or not, I was back to doing pushups.

The day after that was Jan 4th, my birthday.

And I HAD to do fingertip pushups to celebrate, and I did.

My buddy from the Marines told me that pain would never go away, re-appear in winter etc, and he wasn’t completely wrong from his perspective either.

None of that happened though – with a bit of gumption, ignoring pain – and toughing it out “Marine style” – I was back to training within a day – and I avoided the long lay off I would normally have had otherwise.


Hell, I’ve had so many of them split open while doing thick bar pull-ups and other Gorilla Grip work that I almost tell myself, if you ain’t developing new callouses daily and splitting them open on a regular basis, you aint training hard.

Hardcore, I know.

Some might say foolish.

But do grip work regularly the right way, and you’ll see what I mean.

My forearms feel like they’re about to fall off right now – hours after my grip blast today.

Part of it was videoed too …

And this is what happened –

That was definitely an ouch!

Hours later I tried doing regular pushups and pull-ups with it – and it tore.

From the side.

Now, I could have bandaged it, I could have “put the flap of skin back in place” or any of the other things people say “works”.

I didnt.

What I did was squeezed down on it – literally squeezed all the blood out of the area. It was different in color even – stale blood which was clogging up the area.

It hurt, yes.

Then I took an ice cold shower. Middle of winter.

And now?

I can barely even tell I had a callus an hour or so ago …

Them brutal techniques sometimes just flat out work my friend.

Same thing with workouts.

Gorilla Grip and Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) will give you some of the toughest, most advanced (in terms of results, not fancy crapola) exercises you’ve seen out there – in ways you’ve never seen them done before.

Question is, have you got it in you to do ’em?

Or, as a customer once famously noted, “will you be found WANTING”?

Most are…

Annie certainly was, but I’ll give women with soft hands a break.. Hehe.

Men dont get off easy though – regardless of whether or not you’ve got small hands or what not like I do!

Brutal to me works best.

It always has.

And it’ll work best for you if you just toughen up a bit, my friend, and do the thing.

And thats that.

Back soon.


Rahul mookerjee

PS – Dont forget Gorilla Grip – TIPS!