“Oh, but they’re too big!”

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This SHEEPLE mentality of being overawed by the big dogs who ultimately at the end of the day are human beings like you and I are – I’ve never quite understood it . Ugh!

I dont have very many pet peeves at all, my friend.

But one pet peeve I Do have – and people I know have this too – it’s about people “not getting back to me” – more specifically, “reading what they want to, or hearing what they choose to” – and getting back to me on just that.

I remember Marc the African silverback Gorilla once telling me about that too (a pet peeve for him too) and I AGREE.

Last night, due to the ongoing KDP imbroglio our Audible “backend” account for the other biz got shut down too – now I was expecting that to be honest, but more than that, I was “dreading” all the idiotic emails “panicked” coming in from folks about it … despite me having told them in ADVANCE about a mess I did nothing at all to create – “all in the grand scheme of things as it were”.

The grand plan, as they say!

What I cannot understand about people these days, since the last few years, everyone’s “too busy”, yet everyone’s sitting there at their desks reading everything that comes in, everyone’s got more time than every to stare at the dumbphone forever – yet, ask them a direct question, and they dont reply because “they dont want to ruin the relationship” or “I dont know how to answer it” – of course you do – you just did!

Just SAY IT, for effs sake is what I’ve told people for ages.

Donald Trump made this comment too when asked about Ron De Santis’s presidential bid – or was it covid vaccinations, where De Santis wouldn’t answer if he got the vaccine or not directly.

This isn’t about politics, folks, so please leave that out of it (for the record I like both Trump and De Santis, but neither is my ideal candidate for President) …

This is about Trump’s reaction “there’s no middle ground there. You have to say it”!

You might or might not agree with me on many things, or Trump, but like a friend once joked about it … I was telling him how I can be brutally honest and I am, but compared to trump “hed win by a country mile” I  laughed.

“Not so fast”, my friend laughed back. “It’s not a foregone conclusion by any means!”

I understand if people aren’t on board with that, but what REALLY pisses me off?

It’s one thing to ignore emails, not get back. OK, whatever.

It’s quite another to respond to that same damned email and then get back with questions of your OWN.

OK, maybe thats how a lot of women think i.e. “you have to answer all their questions and they answer none, or if they want to”.

(not all, but the majority)

(no it isn’t just broad categorization – and even if it is, can you say it’s not TRUE?)

But real life doesn’t quite work that way my friend, business “showl as hell don’t”.

And again, I’m seeing some interesting things happen – those type of folks for the most part aren’t who I want to keep in my life.

Or business in general.

Nothing wrong with them – perfectly good people, just a different way of handling things which won’t work for me – and them either if they’re with me long term, so … (and nothing against a lot of these folks work – they’ve done STELLAR work for me – I have said that before, I continue to say it because it’s TRUE) …

And the last thing that pisses me off – most people got back to me when my Audible account was canceled because of some silly auto emails the system sent out.

Translation – Amazons too big to ignore.

You aren’t.


I hate that mentality, the sheep have it … I dont, I never had, never will!

Look, the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and (and this was predicted by Bezos himself in 2018) – Amazon ain’t too big to fail – the signs are already nigh, though most people can’t see it.

Twitter – thats an interesting one, I believe theyre actually going UP at this point, though long term it will remain to be seen what happens.

Google, youtube, all steadily going DOWN.

It might be good to remember for those folks that think “Rahul Mookerjee’s too small to get back” that these companies started out in garages and such …

It’s PEOPLE that matter.

It’s PEOPLE that buy our products.

It’s PEOPLE that feel what we talk about … and continue to. Those desires that never go away.

and you can only win people over and do business, sales, relationships, anything well if you COMMUNICATE openly and frankly.

And if thats the sort of person you want in your life, my friend, it might be sage to start REMOVING those in your life right now who aren’t on board with this.

I mean, people that badger you INSTANTLY when THEY want something, yet ignore everything YOU ask them … Ugh. (or ignore whats not convenient to answer)…

Remove what you dont want, that void is instantly filled by what you DO want.

I’ve seen it happen over and over again …

And thats that my friend. Free life lesson for y’all – for those that want it – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Zero to Hero! contains many such life lessons “from being in the trenches” that actually work and point you in the RIGHT direction as opposed to a lot of the hocus pocus the so called gurus with 1000000000000000000000000 followers on Boob Tube or whatever have (until their accounts get canceled one fine day and they’re back to square ZERO) tell you. Do the thing, you shall see.

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