Chairs, couches and improper mattresses and pillows ruin more lower backs than anything else.

Well, maybe not anything else… but they’re up there. Way up there.

And as I get more and more into advanced isometrics,the truism of what Deepak, my visa agent once told me about sleeping on the floor – which I did not quite understand why he did that – i don’t know if Even he did – is brought home to me almost daily.

In India, “kamar seedhe” is a common expression – yet most Indians have forgotten the true significance of this.

“Keep the waist straight and aligned” is the almost literal translation.

Most of us walk incorrectly. I teach you how to walk right in Advanced Hill Training but even that doesn’t cover it all.

For most people, modern day sitting has ruined their posture to a point they aren’t even aware of it – and with it, their breathing to an extent, energy, digestion- and much more.

Ditto for neck.

Modern day couches might seem comfortable. On the surface them deeeeep couches even more so.

For me, they have always felt uncomfortable and I feel lower back twinges every time I sit on them.

When I sit on straight back chairs, what most people avoid – the opposite.

It’s about not rounding the lower back.

If you need car support seats for your lower back, you’re not only in terrible shape – but you’re making the problem worse, much like when using straps etc to grip.

You strengthen the weak links like I’ve always said, you do NOT work around them more than absolutely essential.

True core fitness comes from proper lower back and lower ab strength, endurance and and flexibility.

Deepaks reason was he drove a motorcycle all day so he needs his waist straight. Hes right.

Avoid the comfortable my friend. Not to an extreme of course. But, like I’ve always said the hard yards are what solve issues, what you NEED to be doing.

Not that I’m completely innocent there. My habit of sleeping in AC for one. Hehe.

When you walk, lots of you with weak hips and hamstrings, and yes, that affects proper pushup and yes, PULLUP form too (though the latter might sound incredible – handstands too, especially free standing) will unconsciously thrust forward with lower abs.

Wrong. Thrust and those Bollywood “thumkas’ come from HIPS and glutes. In Corrugated Core I show you how…

And performance in bed too for men. Hehe. And females too, now that my dirty mind thinks of it ..

The littlest things matter the most.

It’s always about the back and core, my friend. As Herschel Walker said, get the core ready, you can handle anything.

For years, my body would unconsciously compensate for weak hips and hamstrings by bending the knees when touching my toes – the simplest of exercises most people do WRONGLY.

It’s about the BACK of the knee as I kee saying, keep telling my coaching students.

More on this later.

For now, remember – sleeping on hard floors and sitting on the ground or straight backed chairs are two of the best, uncomfortable (to a point) and simplest things you can do for your overall health, strength and fitness levels.

Too simple, I hear the Tom Toms say or think.

And that running away, ignoring the basics, seemingly too simple is why they’ll remain typical Tom Toms forever.

And thats that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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