Advice from a celebrity to all the fat trollish addicted losers out there – the fanboys, the “haunters” – and so forth.
- This is for all of YOU.

I wrote this once on the other site in 2020 I believe, and the time has come now to say it here. I woke up this morning, and while my thoughts are usually occupied with anything but business first thing in the morning (not necessarily workouts either for those of you wondering) – this one is being written without me even being awake fully – or fully awake, is it ? “Thats how we are”, hehe.

Anyway, that aside, and first off – if you’re a real DOER, the silent and sturdy sort that goes about their own business – not interfering with what others do – silently buying products, USING the info in them to BETTER – I repeat, BETTER – your own, I repeat YOUR OWN life – without trolling those that have made it or are making it “out of sheer impotency and jealousy” – then this isn’t aimed at you – but there is a bit in the PS that IS aimed at you.

This, and I’m typing slowly here because it’s a dark room, I cannot locate my glasses – hence the long paragraphs on this one, maybe …

… is aimed at the fat trolls, the losers that have never been out of Kansas, fat boys wannabe who haunt this site – my every move – despite me running in the opposite direction at the mere sight of them – despite me blocking them roundly everywhere, the fools that find a way to come back (truly, thats proof of the REAL Law of Attraction – that which you run way from truly does CHASE YOU!) – the nutjobs writing in about “how I look like a movie star“, “I have a sexy hair chest” – “why I dont wear red all the time” (goddamn, I thought that was women that the clothes comments were reserved for, not a cranky dude who wears like a choice of three to five sweatshirts rotated logically between days) or “I look like a TV personality”  …and losers in general that hang on to my every word – not to listen to me and improve their own lot in life, but to talk about what I say, what I do, indeed, what I eat (a recent idiot wrote back about how “the meat should be arranged differently on the all meats platter” – like wtf??? This w.r.t the brief “all meats” video I posted a while back) – and I wouldn’t be surprised if these ass clown follow me to the bathroom in their dreams too (I know Glyn does). Ugh.

Externally, a lot of these nimrods pretend to have a life, when they’re called out on not having one, they troll me – since that is all they can do.

I welcome it x 10  – since I make lots of sales off it using the methods described in Profit Troll.

I welcome them much like I welcome the fools in my current living arrangement – two gynarchy obsessed Nazi feminists and “Buddha on Bed” – and a cuck that enables it all – because guess what – I make money off that too.

But to all you idiots – and there are so many, geez, this is  true case of being a celebrity – or feeling like one – before I actually am one in terms of sheer numbers.

Its like my books on the other site.

Like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, without knowing it, I wrote the books first – then the stories in them happened in real life – years down the road.

I met Ms Chen yes, but the book on her was written in 2014, I met her in 2019!

And its the same thing here.

I write a simple email to my list, all I want is for the list to read, and the rest to leave me alone, hell I even go out of my way and create videos to say I want to be left alone, and thats that …

… is it?

Instantly, trolls as far away as Greece (I’m referencing a certain fool from 2021 who paid to advertise here, then got cold feet apparently) hit their keyboards complaining about “why did he write this” – when it has nothing to do with them at all.

I put out videos about pushups, I have inane comments ranging from “sexy ni…!” – to God only knows what coming in (thank God I don’t allow comments in general on that site) – and I have inane “mentions” (all go to spam, but when I do check ’em) – mentioning me – with puffed, preened, bloated fat chest – “I can do that too, Mommy!” …

I put out a bloody video on pull-ups, not even thinking about anything else other than pull-ups, and some fat Bozo whose been haunting this place since last year and wont leave despite being booted from all social media, lists etc, blocked everywhere, he (she) still finds a way to come back like a certain Anne did in 2019 – shows up writing lonnnnnnnnnng monologues about it that I would not have known about admittedly had it not been for “Bald Benni”‘s “friends” alerting me to the fact.

I write a book – or two per year, and the trolls go to town on it, so do so called fitness “ex spurts” that try and break down the book simply to find weaknesses that dont exist in it,and so forth (and end up with “he didnt hire a make up artist to do his pictures”) …

I wrote about Squats, and my dictum in the book has already been taken as gospel by some “if you ain’t squatting you aint training” – people that are making GREAT GAINS in their own training from this book – and the rest, well, you’d think theyd go their own way but they go out of their own way to promote the book even though they claim they hate it while never having read it and whine about “who made this rule” (I made it, you idiot, isnt that obvious fat boy?)

I go to the park (again) to train – all by my lonesome – so much so that when I see people approaching me I literally usually move away to the other side of the park so they dont bother me with their horseshit (their loser horseshit I should say, these are losers and do nothings that will never do anything except while away their time – fritter away all the info I do give these guys because they never use it, ask the same moronic questions over and over again (like really dude, the answer dont change no matter how many times you pester me about it) – or whine about “that so impressive! you’re a strong boy!” and other inanity I really dont want in my life, but that which they have in tons in their lives – typical loser do nothing fanboy stuff).

(I can just predict a certain lard ass reacting to this and sending me his version of “strongggggggggggggggggggg arms bro“)

Like, another one of my pet peeves is folks I barely know calling me “bro” .. ugh.

I go to the park to train – again – and some ass clown shows up “I want to try your sunglasses on” (dude’s like 50, not exactly from the slums, probably has way more moola than I do, yet… ugh. Yeah, dude I’m too cool -but stay the fuck away from me please…but he wont. ADDICTED!!)

Like my friend Rueben once told me sagely about women.

“You’re an extremely good looking guy, no matter what you do, women are going to be interested in you!”

Thats true too … proof in the pudding, despite me being the caveman I am.

All of this is fine, of course. (and the woman part, I dont really mind it. Hehe).

Its what us celebs live with on a daily basis.

But it … gets … AGGRAVATING too.

If you’ve ever wondered why celebs keep saying “we need our space”, this is IT.

Man, I can understand what Napoleon Hill once said about getting his phone line disconnected and never being happier, because the minute it was connected, it started ringing – and wouldn’t stop, day, night, or in between.

For a long time I didnt do videos,  didnt do audio, just hit my list, now that I Am – well – they’re all coming out of the woodwork.

Again all of this is fine, but being the logical being I am, I’d rather FUNCTION – over adultation – which feels great, dont get me wrong, it pumps up my already inflated (rightly so in many regards) ego even more – but really, FUNCTION over all, like in my workouts.

What FUNCTION does this adultation serve?

And hence this email to all the phat bozos and Schofields out there – look, we all know your place in life is to be a fanboy, losers.

You’re too lazy – I repeat, too lazy – not too “incapable”, but too damn lazy, bratty and entitled to actually roll up your sleeves and make a difference in your own life – to do something that will better yourself – so you haunt, shamelessly ape, and troll.

You’re too fat to actually do the exercises I promote but you want to, so your compromise is writing long incomprehensible monologues on it.

Which is fine …

But let’s face it, and the proof’s in the pudding,despite being roundly KICKED from all my sites, videos etc – you’ll find a way to come back. You’re addicted to this here guy – or you wouldnt be eagerly reloading my site all the time to see “what he’s written next” – saliva dripping of thy fat jowls as you do so.

So why not simply come out in the open about it and tell me WHAT exactly you want from me. Hehe.

Isnt that simpler?

So trolls, losers, buffoons – look, thats fine, thats your lot in life, but to you guys – write back – TELL Me what videos you’d like me to do.

What do you WANT?

I mean, its like I keep asking my Dad, who in typical “cuck enabling” fashion shows up along with his wife to pester me every time my own wife throws a hissy fit.

To give you an example, last Saturday it happened … my wife has these inane rules about how “you must write down the lunch and dinner for the day so I can make it in advance” or plan, or what not.

Seems overkill to me, but I do it anyway.

Except, she changes it willy nilly, as the mood catches her.

And she often tells me about it too after changing it.

So to simplify matters, I just ask her “what should I write”.

Simpler, eh, after all it’s her decision apparently ultimately which is fine too.

When she’s in a good mood, she answers, bad mood – she snaps.

I’m not one to take any of that crap from women, and as I write in my book … I dont reply directly.

But what I do do inflames her to the extent she starts yelling up a storm, now according to gynarchy, men can’t yell back, they’re supposed to “take it”.

Molly coddle, whatever you call it.

And Dad shows up pestering me about “what can be done” – like Dad, fuck if I know. I didnt start it, I didnt bicker, I simply followed a rule your own gynarchy obsessed family set, and even that isn’t enough for these idiots.

I mean, ask the idiot that started it, not me.

(what he wants, of course is for me to say “its all my fault” when its the polar opposite, and that ain’t happening. Hehe).  (and for me not to “react” – which in my own way I damn sure will… hehe).

And according to him “living seperately” will resolve the issue, like Gee Whiz, Dad, wtf have I been doing all these years, exactly that, not like I need you to point out the bloody obvious.

True, covid fucked it all up in 2020 in that regard when China shut down and never re-opened until the “fag end of 2022” but even they have reopened now, not like I ever wanted to be living with a bunch of loons anyway, and you know this very well.

Like really, “what the fuck do you want, Dad?”

Honestly, I’d rather just ask him to get in the ring with me and be done with it, of course, that ain’t ever gonna happen either will it “Mano o Mano”. Hehe.

Same thing with these ass wads that keep haunting the place – tell me what you want, you losers, we all know you want recognition, Ill give it to you if you pay the price.

It has to be something that will help the doers, mind you – mindless posturing isn’t wanted, and puffing, preening and posing isn’t going to happen either.

But tell me what you want me to put out there, what you want to see, the next books you want to troll – at least lets be OPEN about it all.

I’m honest above all – about everything.

And to all the other losers that can’t stay away from me – indeed, this Schofield type would be more than glad to wipe my butt if I told them to (ugh) – stop whining, moaning, trolling etc – write back – tell me what you want me to put out next in terms of products.

If you want to be the best fanboy around here – well, promote these products, do it in a trolly manner if you want, post on forums etc, Instagram, whatever floats your boat, and report back to me with your results.

Trust me, I’ll give you the recognition you deserve when you do.

My entire point is, lets be open about all this fanboy stuff, not “behind the scenes fanboys or girls getting pissed off the “great one doesn’t even reply directly to them”” – and I AM talking to you DIRECTLY now, fanboys.

So lets do this – honestly.

Write back – let me know!

Don’t haunt me like a ghost. Be open about your fan boy status to Rahul Mookerjee – and he’ll reciprocate in kind and give you the recognition you deserve in that regard.

but this beating around the bush crap, not for me…

Alright, I’m out. Damn, that was longgg…



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – DOERS – if you’ve skipped past all that, goodie – heres the part that is relevant to you – write back and tell me what YOU Want to see next.

There’s so much going on around here, my friend, but as a doer, your feedback is the most important thing.

Hordes of you are “Silent doers”, and thats great, the best way.

Silence though ain’t always golden. Communication is the name of the game.

And sitting back thinking “I dont have the money” isn’t exactly the most productive thing either, the money will come if the WILL is there.

So, write back, let me know YOUR THOUGHTS TOO!

And thats that.

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