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Just in for Fitness Pioneer – Volume Two, which has just been translated into French.

From Favour Oguntade …

“FITNESS PIONEER is a dynamic guide that empowers readers to revolutionize their well-being, seamlessly blending expert advice with motivational anecdotes—a must-read for those ready to embark on a transformative fitness journey.
It’s a must read for all readers, I strongly recommend.,”

Thank you, Favour. Much appreciated!

And thats that. Short, sweet and apt. Check out the manual NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

The lazy old lady with legs that hurt and a dirty mind that refuses to move her butt (well, until,)…
- And the cutest thing ever.

Out there in the park today, was interesting! Is, actually! This is a work in progress. Well, at least I stepped away to the monkey bars after a long session of the JCVD split and more.

As I was working out, stretching out to the max, a little kid, perhaps all of 2 couldn’t stop staring.

I normally get really irritated when adults stare holes through you which they often do.

But little kids do it so innocently it’s the opposite. As the little girl tried to do splits, I was reminded of two things – one, setting the right example which kids naturally ape. And two, just how flexible we are naturally as kids, care free – and how this changes beyond age 5 or so.

And when she tried to do the splits, it was all I could do not to “burst into tears” (in a good way, memories of my own little girl at that age flooding back) and help her out. Hehe.

She was naturally doing more than what most fat lazy adults do.


Felt an adult staring holes through me, a girl no less. And her elderly mother no less. Ugh.  They still are as I type this.

Now, this was clearly annoying the way they kept staring at me. Full credit to the baby’s mother who was even worried that the baby would disturb me. No way, I said laughing. She’s too young!

It was fun with the little teeny baby trying to follow along!

But anyway, young girl (the staring Bozo who was looking for an excuse to chat – I know women – I can tell, the neon lights were blinking from afar) –  finally spoke – and I was more than a tad annoyed but tried not to show it.

The issue?

Teach Ma ji some exercises! Her legs are hurting!

Ma ji is how any elderly female is referred to in India apparently. Elderly mom.

I responded with “well, she’ll have to get up and MOVE her ass”. Hehe.

It was irritating, fat old woman lying there complaining about her goddamned legs, yet too lazy to move her arse and stretch. And of course her daughter, equally lazy.

Let people work out in peace, folks. By Ll means be lazy fat fools if you want but disturbing those that DO something as Marc the African Silverback Gorilla once commented (rightly) on the jackass in China badgering me about why I worked pull-ups so hard and according to him not my mind …

I told her what to do for her aching legs. I told her it would involve getting off her fucking duff too. She didn’t quite like it especially not my snarlimg tone, though the younger one was creaming her damn panties apparently at it.

And then ..

“Agar let ke hi karna hai, to per daba do” i told the young girl.

If she wants to be lazy, just press her legs.

“Press” being how India refers to “massage” as (literal Hindi translation or transliteration as it were). Done right even a massage would do more for the old codger than lying there like a horribly ugly beached whale, flabby tummy sprawling out of her damn sari.

The sari I’ve often said can be incredibly sexy and attractive, and flattering to a woman – of any shape, but if the intention is to show flab off, well….

Literally as they spoke Hindi I thought the older lady was asking me to press her legs!

That was the vibe they gave off, both of them.

Glyn, where are you when you’re needed?

He’d have shot his wad just listening I bet. Of course, those girls wouldn’t go anywhere near him. Hehe.

Mother daughter duo indeed. Hehe. Cougar or what not…

She probably IS wanting it too (no question about the daughter), come to think of it ..

I’ll pass. Thank you, but no thanks!

Anyway, little kids trying to follow along on the monkey bars, and more ..

Id rather workout with them than the best majority of adults Bozos.

And thats that.

Superlative stretching out in the winter sun today. Felt great.

More soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – “Credit” (I use quotes for a reason) – looking back after I turned my back to them, was about to leave – old lady did actually finally get off her duff trying to follow along with me (after her daughter told her numerous times to perhaps?).

Still basically just moving for movings sake – she wanted the lazy man’s (woman’s) cure and more (ugh) but better than nothing, I suppose.

And this after he daughter was telling her to ask me “ask him how if you don’t know, he will tell you” she kept giggling – which I would if the vibe was one of being less LAZY…

People, people.

Sometimes, you gotta snarl! Hehe.

Train the GRIP. Train the MIND!
- So it IS.

So it is, my friend. So it IS!

Yesterday was one of them rare days, at least for me where I didn’t do very many pull-ups or grip training at all. In fact, and again, at least for me, depsite my isometrics and long walks, I didn’t even feel like I really trained hard yesterday.

I’m not sure why. But grip work and pull-ups (and CORE work – ask Brooks Kubik the waist whittler, hehe) are something everyone should do – to a degree in every workout – te precious few do – even fewer do it right.

There’s so many keys to pull-ups my friend.

One being something I’ve said repeatedly.

Do NOT let the thighs come up parallel to the floor as you do them.

I’ve said it so many times, yet, I see this rookie mistake all the time with folks.

In Pull-ups – from Dud to STUD within WEEKS – indeed, a manual you can follow for the rest of your life and make great gains, I talk about doing them with legs crossed at the ankles.

In Battletank Shoulders we go advanced, legs STRAIGHT. (Ditto for “Pull-ups – from STUD to Super STUD within WEEKS)

In both cases though, you do NOT let the thighs come up as you do the exercise.

There is a reason, a damned good reason the great David Goggins is mentioned on the sales page for that book. One is that he’s the studliest of them all at it, even surpassing me (yes – hehe) at my favorite exercise which I can do better in my sleep than most, including so called serious trainees could do wide awake – but the other and more important reason – if YOU, part of a select very few are one of those people who wants to reach and then surpass Goggins levels at this exercise, then this book will get you there. Period. It is the ONLY, emphasis – book of its kind out there that makes these claims and backs it up as well. For a good reason again – and note..

When I say want, I mean truly want.

Not just want and say “too tough” or “I’m big not fat but and so I can’t do them” or other ridiculous, retarded nonsense about body type being wrong etc ..

I mean want and then get to it with a VENGEANCE, do what it takes to become the BEST and then some at the one exercise that is the most important, that folks love to ignore…if they do it(right) at all.

Anyway – getting back to it –

That’s really ie what I mention above (form) especially that last inch at the top which gets the traps “mountainous” working – the lower abs which most ignore SIZZLING – and that X shape you so covet going – how you really get the Max bang ouf of this great exercise . Even folks good at it forget this basic once in a while.

Many other things including thick grips, thick iron bars (I still remember the African Silverback Gorilla once shaking my hand and saying “damn, those are some rough hands!” – indeed, you’d be forgiven for thinking those are manual laborers hands, hehe) – PRONATED grip above all, less reliance on chin ups, hammer grip pull-ups (the toughest and most natural is what you need to be doing, period – how natural is supinated grip for one??) .

Anyway, this one tip is key to getting triceps blazing during pull-ups as well. Most people have this very erroneous notion that triceps aren’t used in pull-ups – oh YES they are.

And mine have been super sore yesterday – they felt like pulp and not muscle. Literally.

Amazing though it might sound, it wasn’t high rep pushups, pull-ups, or other huff puff stuff that did it.

It was an isometric that will be there in the third Volume of Isometric and Flexibility Training. Its already been shown on my YouTube channel where I lie on the floor (hard mattress)- legs STRAIGHT up…

It’s not training for porn, it ain’t “just yoga”.

It’s something most of you reading CANNOT do, and something most will amazingly diss as being too simple or easy despite you not being able to DO it.

“I’m not a yoga guru! Sniff!”

I ain’t either.

Stop classifying things. Stop putting yourself & exercise in “brackets”. Life too. That’s one of the dumbest, most dufferish ways to live life, if you can even call that living. (Sadly a lot so).

And it’s that exercise that truly fired up and FRIED my triceps…

Maybe that’s why it was a light day yesterday. Who knows.

But today, as I headed to the pull up bar with a vengeance – as I focused MORE on FORM – thick grips in the COLD – man.

Ideas aplenty flooded, which they hadn’t yesterday to the degree they normally do.

Indeed, I recall walking back from the park wondering “why I hadn’t written as much as I normally do”, half baked ideas in my mind , note of course I’m talking “by my lofty standards”.

No such ruminations today. None at all!

Your palms contain pressure points directly linked to the brain my friend. And that, is yet , not above all, but right up there – that GRIP training done right is so damn important.

And thats that for this one. I’ll be back soon I’m sure.


Rahul Mookerjee

Health vs beauty ..

The former is always more important.

That X shape I write about so much ain’t just for show.

It ain’t free marketing for Twitter either.

If you’re truly fit, truly healthy, you’ll have it in some way, shape or form. Period.

The glutenius maximum aplenty truly gives it all away – can’t be disguised. Period.

And here a 0 Excuses Fitness we are fully committed to continually call it out because it needs to be. Again, period.

And helping otherwise smart people fix it.

And thats that!


Rahul Mookerjee

So here’s a question the manifestation whiz has…

In the spirit of never knowing it all – noone does and true experts always being, very publicly so – in learning mode, from yours truly whose dreams predict the future, sometimes immediate, sometimes weeks down the line – but always accurately…

Manifestation happens either instantly or down the line per what the Universe deems best. Most appropriate. That higher power truly knows all.

Happen it does, and it all turns out perfectly always “all for a good reason” as it were, which was yet another lesson brought to me though that one I knew already – in the most mystique laden, yet obvious manner.

Sometimes weeks after it happens I’ll remember “ah, that dream told me”.

Sometimes instantly. Sometimes when immediate faith is required.


The question.

Some dreams are so poignant, so intense that I wake up instantly and write them down.

Others, I keep sleeping soundly but the mind is still working in the background.

Bear in mind this is me. I’ve trained myself to capture dream details even in deep sleep which most wouldn’t even remember with the most vivid of dreams. Indeed, waking up to write dreams down is a chore for most people. Something most fail to do despite their best efforts – especially on wintery cold nights where the last thing you want is to get out of the warm blanket. Of course, I’ve got the AC on even in winter!


The first type of dream, when I wake up, I’m harried, hassled… Yet, all works out fine eventually. Second, I wake up feeling so relaxed, on top of the world. Feeling, even looking! But not knowing “why” yet I know great things are fixing to manifest, then they do!

So I’m wondering why I don’t wake up for the latter sorta dream …

…maybe that’s part of the process?

The subconscious mind truly works in wondrous ways.

And a huge key , indeed, the only key to it – combined with faith, the true kind – is FEELING and emotion.

That rules all, brings PICTURES to mind.

The opening part of Zero to Hero, much like the opening bit in Think and Grow Rich, much like the buzzing energy I hear in my RIGHT ear NOW as I write this explains it all.

And it’s truly a book you must read, my friend.

And thats that.

If you know the answer to the question I raised, write back!


Rahul Mookerjee

When you let them win..

I bought a Google play pass last night though I really didn’t know what I’d use it for! As always turned out to be a good one reason – sitting out here in the park in the warm sun playing chess no less – after years – a game – a truly mental sport which yes, requires a lot of physical fitness too (take a look at any of the Grandmasters physical routines) … Memories flooded back!

Something not a memory – AI will never take over the world as I’ve said repeatedly before. The human brain created AI and is superior to ALL.

As I sat there watching some nigh ridiculous moves being made which even a beginner wouldn’t, memories flooded back.

That of my grandfather allowing me to win at chess when young without me knowing it. My uncle was slightly more obvious about it, that led to a fit on my part. Haha.

I always remember wondering how I won so easily against my grandfather. Years later after he passed, I’d understand it.

Swimming,chess, studies – with a background in the Imperial Army, and smoking cigars as a young man. Truly, ge did it all including cross flooded rivers on foot to get to school…

That’s pretty much how you do it with little kids though fitness wise.

When filming Kiddie Fitness, even my first book on isometrics – I kept “wowing” my daughter as she did the movements.

You can do them so much better than me,I kept saying.

Bouyed by this, she went the extra mile herself as is evidenced by the pictures.

Sure, there’s aime to draw between molly coddling and excessive praise and what not… But, extreme discipline Taekwondo instructor meted out publicly with his little son, that which we got in school?


Some say it makes you tough. That it does.

It also makes you hate the person all that more.

Fine line, like I said, and any responsibile parent must know how and where to draw it.

And thats that.

More soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

Struggling with constipation?

I’ve written tomes on this before of course – why it happens (primarily lack of exercise, but even for people that do a lot of good exercise otherwise, not the RIGHT exercise) – diet – genetics – and more.

It’s almost always, not always, but almost always linked with a weak core as well and no, simply a six pack doesn’t mean either a strong core or a flexible one – or IBS. I should know. I suffered from it for years, even years after my hill climb routine.

“Colon packed with fecal matter” was a 2003 doctors judgment on this.

Who prescribed all sorts of medicines and crap that never worked.

I remember how we spent literally thousands – and more importantly, the time invested running for years from pillar to post to get the then wife’s stomach issues resolved.

Literally dozens of doctors who all prescribed expensive tests, medicines (fatten their and the hospital wallet much like they pretty much coerce you to get C sections instead of natural delivery) – needless to say, none worked.

Even the colonoscopy she got done was pointless..

The medical fraternity in general is crap these days, fat ass doctors that can’t bend over to touch their own damned toes telling you how to stay healthy. HA!

Still remember a fat ass telling me not to swim “because it stressed the liver”.

True tales these. In the then wifes case some ayurvedic medicine finally cured the issue. Cost all of a few cents…

I still remember a movie – a Tiger Shroff starrer where the lead actor (Shroff)’s martial arts trainer said the same thing I do, ie Tai chi originated in India. No,not even trying to be jingoistic but facts are fact.

A lot of what is passes off oriental mystique came from India originally which is common sense, really, given India is a far older civilization. The Chinese modified it, sure, but Tai Chi originally came from a South Indian martial art – Kali something – Google it, I cannot remember the name for the life of me, and YES, unlike Tai chi which is not really a fighting martial art – that truly IS warrior stuff.

Nothing like Tai Chi tho, or as Brooks Kubik once said in his email, Tai chi for duffers.

Hehe. I ain’t lying either, ask Brooks, he’s got an elephants memory like I do. He probably remembers the exact email in which he wrote it. I don’t!

In that movie the student shows up late at night in the dorm half drunk in one scene.

The Master (instructor) looks at him CENSORIOUSLY.

Student says something..

Master takes one forefinger, and pokes the guy hard on the left side.

And guy pukes all over the place literally like a hammer struck him.

I get it.

That is a pressure point of the body linked to the intenstines, bowels. I’ve often done that same thing myself to judge my gut health.

It’s hard to find, but if you’re stopped up, that mofo will hurt when you push it. You’ll burp, hurl, fart and rush to the toilet in extreme cases. But that’s the pressure point!

There’s a damn good reason you’re told to sleep on your left side to aid digestion…

He then tutors the student who was going ga ga about China at that point.

About how it all came from India…


Without further ado..

Exercises that work the core in a twisting and torquing manner while stretching the core and hamstrings are the real cure, and key my friend.

Some are, and I’ve spoken about this before.


The Rahul Mookerjee patented squat.

Variants of the split..

Lying on the floor with your legs ramrod straight as you support your lower back with your hands, or preferably lay the forearms on the floor.

From that position, spread the legs out wide – then front and back – all angles…not, NOT because you are – hehe – or want to be a pornstar.

Just watch JCVD training, being put through his PACES, literally – in the first installment of Kickboxer. You’ll get the idea as things pop, crackle and snap everywhere…

The Indian Prison workout.

Touching your toes with legs ramrod straight – something most people can’t do. Or holding the position. Palms on floor is the next progression.

All exercises people complain about being too simple.

In reality, they’re tough,so people complain. No fun farting away while working out eh. Hehe..

Plenty of videos on all this on the YouTube channel. And, my great compilation on isometrics covers them and then some.


All about stretching the hamstrings right…

And thats that!


Rahul Mookerjee

A different test of neck strength, stability and more!

When most think neck strength, they think “bull”.

Like my buddy from the Marines once said about a certain set of Scots. “look at those necks, bull like!”.

Truly, neck strength is along with grip and forearm strength not only one of the most overlooked of all training out there – but also, an indicator of “real” man – or woman.

We hear “thick” all the time which has its place.

How often do we hear broad though?

Or long?

I focused on the latter in today’s isometric videos – and broad, well, this comment says it all … If that’s not the right link, search for “he’s thick. But you’re BROAD!!”.

Muscle strength depends upon all three. Lengthen for more flexibility, tendon strength as opposed to weight training exercises that end up shortening muscles in most cases.

Lean muscle, not bulk – does it.

And broad shoulders, well,enough said.

Neck strength?

We hear folks talk of neck straps (ugh sounds like slave torture to me where they made them wear those awful neck rings as brutal punishment) (though as I did in that video, India apparently never went away from brutal, and neither has the world if you analyse the brutality all around – humans love hating each other) … We hear shrugs. Bridging. Neck cracks.

All of these are great, especially bridging which is excellent.

But try this one on for size.

Simply put a weight – let’s say a book – on the top of your head – and walk around for time without it falling off.

Please don’t say “too easy”. Do it.

Try this with five books.

And then, progress on to WEIGHT – in India, village women walk for long distances with heavy unwieldy earthern pots of water balanced on the top of their heads. That balance. The posture. My!

If they drop that pot, it’s all over. No drinking water for the day.

Sometimes it’s ironed clothes they carry that way, neck perfectly straight for hours…

Trust me, this is something even most “real” men can’t do without practice.

Gym goers, less said the better!

It not only lengthens the neck but strengthens at the same time. I’ll do a bit of a video on this soon maybe, but try it with what you can at home, then get back to me.

Lore has it the great Farmer Burns put himself in a hangmans noose to test himself which I would not quite advocate you to do.

Just goes to show tho,much like the Mighty Atom , all of around 60 kgs soaking wet (I’m around 65, so damn “so called” skinny (steel and whalebone) as some say) (but i got the hair cut on August 29- tho in this Skinny Samsons case the strength wasn’t in the locks, hehe) pulling an airplane by his hair…

Incredulous it might sound but there’s videos on it.


Focus on neck training my friend, and do so right or not at all as early th everything out there. And thats that!


Rahul Mookerjee

Body parts hurting from…

…doing precisely F all.

The rage to buy massagers of all kind, pain relief pills, go to chiros etc is a pandemic amongst lazy asses globally.

When will folks realise your body is like a car, if you don’t use it, the parts go bad.

When will folks realise that while long drives are good, QUICK bursts are really what he the engine going ?

Back in the day I had my old zen which I’d have to manually warm up in cold weather via the “choke”.

No pun intended in terms of aching body parts either unless you’re Bozo glyn reading this which he still does apparently. What a nutter. Lol . As a friend recently said, Glyn keeps sending me nonsensical rants which make no sense. And he does, of course. I still remember Chuck throwing him out of the beer house he broke into in his underwear in Jieyang. Yup, I have the pic too!


But, back to aches and pains, most would go away with regular exercise.

Doesn’t need to take forever either.

And stretching right is the first thing id recommend for those starting out, along with the advanced lot too – as well as what’s mentioned in the 0 Excuses Fitness system.

Look,all the talk in the world from me won’t matter if you don’t open your MIND first.

If you just read and nod your head but do nothing then no point..

This is only for those that truly believe

Short update,more later.


Rahul Mookerjee

Keeping that LOWER back straight.
- Is Key to progression not just in splits but...

Lower back is one of the most ignored areas in fitness today. Lower/mid lower back, spine etc. And no, it ain’t about relentless back bends either which were made popular years ago and are all the rage – don’t get me wrong, they definitely have their place. Hell, bridging is a key workout unto itself, wrestlers, boxers, the layperson looking to build back strength – but way too often as I’ve said so often, FRONT bridging is ignored.

Forward bends are ignored.

And this is catastrophic for the lower abs and those of us with weak hamstrings genetically. As I’ve said before, my entire body was hardly one you’d expect of a bodyweight exercise Guru genetically – especially grip and hamstrings which are strong spots now – strongest. Truly a case of what I’ve said before, strengthening your weak links while also focusing on your natural strengths,positives etc. Thats how to become truly unbreakable, unbeatable …

But anyway, key to progressing in the splits, side splits,or theJCVD split as I rightly call it – very tough,next to impossible for most folks ?

There’s many, of course.

The Indian Prison workout being one.

Keeping the legs straight, focusing on the back of the knees, all key. Ass flexibility – or glute. Damn that sounded naughty…

But what is often ignored, sittng STRAIGHT in that position. Not bending backwards, not forwards. Just ramrod straight my friend,try it, this alone takes the workout with legs not fully 180 even to the next level.

Many years ago, my father, hardly anywhere near a fitness guru or even guy told me “my back would ache if I sat in the Rahul Mookerjee patented squat“.


That actually provides relief to the lower back if done right.

If you really want that lower back to work like never before – try what I suggested above.

More- not just while in the splits. Make sure your gut – even a non existent one – is sucked IN while walking – not just to improve your posture or make you look taller…but it’s a lower back workout without working out.

Proper lower back strength isnt just key to splits. You can include regular pushups in there too and many other exercises. Hanging leg raises for one…

… For years and years, I did Hindu pushups which are great.

….I could bridge backwards in my sleep,still can.

….I did Hindu squats galore.

But all this while, I never realised it but I was neglecting my martial arts roots.

And it was only a couple of years earlier that, well beyond being fat etc , well at a level where most will never get – that I noticed this.

Forward stretches and lower back straight will do wonders for you my friend if done right. There’s a reason it’s core training no pun for any serious martial artist…

Lots of you doing a ton of Hindu Pushups and squats effortlessly will be weak at regular pushups and bodyweight squats.

Trust me – i was for years without even realising it. Thus, Squat 101 and my two books on isometrics.

Anyway, enough tips for this one.

I’ll be back later.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS –  a must read. And this.

PPS – Lower back straight goes for sitting on regular chairs too. There’s a reason I don’t sit on “them deep couches” that ole Rod Steiger had such a hard time getting out of without a cane – indeed, any sort of remotely “comfortable” chair is alien to me.