Estabilished rules that don’t always work
- There's lots of them.

I was watching Creed 3 the other night, and takeaways – when the little girl (Creed) was getting bullied, she wasn’t content to just stand down and let it happen. She fought against the much bigger bully – and typically the school called the parents in to whine about how “your daughter is too violent” or some such shit.

Reminds me of the instance mentioned in the opening parts of KIddie Fitness – where the bully slapped my daughter for no reason – with his dad “a deaf mute” pretty much just observing the mess. Ugh.

I remained calm, standing behind my daugher, the colossus as always.

“Hit him BACK!”

The tone brooked NO argument.

She just did it.

He bawled like a truck ran at/over him, and that was THAT.

In the movie Creed attempts to explain to his wife that “talking about things” doesnt always work – sometimes a punch to the noggin or face is what works, and I tend to agree big time (when it comes to bullies), though as I was telling my daughter at lunch today, violence is not the solution to everything.

Anyway they show little girl boxing her Dad at the end of the movie, and the champ getting knocked out with one “blow”. I loved that part. So sage.

Moms rant at their sons, daughters, fathers occasionally at sons, but the father -daughter relationship if done right – rarely if ever does the father do anything but LISTEN like a mouse with his little girl. So it should be! Hehe. (and that could be anyone, any father, any station in life).

Even the patriarchal sorts in certain parts of the world …

But anyway, it got around to food, an area where the wife said some sensible things indeed, including, but not limited to railing against “Granny” stuffing granddaughter with junk food all day.

Proof’s in the pudding, daughter’s already in much better shape than  a few months back – granted, swimming etc helps too.

But anyway – the one thing she said, and for once i was smart enough to nod my head and not argue “I just live here, the women rule the roost – lol” …

“If someone eats breakfast, they eat all meals of the day WELL after that, if not, they eat nothing right”.

I was SO tempted to argue – with results, but I didnt.

But this thinking is part of many other “so called truisms” which most people will never stop believing, and thats fine …

In the 0 Excuses Fitness System, yours truly gives you the Simple and Effective Diet GRATIS.

And a key reason behind and I mention this and how in the book the fitness success, weight loss and muscle building of legends like Herschel Walker and many others – LESS food, not more.

I’ve said this so often – most people need to eat less, not more.

And eat less OFTEN, and especially breakfast.

When I eat a heavy or any breakfast, I feel sluggish the entire day.

Even if I have a solid workout afterwards – I never got the same benefits from workouts done post eating than on an empty stomach.

Why – well, I truly believe your body has to ADAPT on an empty stomach and the way it does that – burn fat, and build muscle or strengthen what is already there, as opposed to “run off carbs” which most so called experts claim is the best way.

It ain’t either.

More such myths busted in the Simple and Effective Diet, and some SECRETS revealed which are so obvious they stare you in the face yet most people dont notice it…

Fitness wise same thing.

It ain’t how long you train.

It ain’t just how many reps.

All those things matter yes.

But its QUALITY that counts most not quantity – along with deep breathing.

Ah, them myths, so many of them, but I felt compelled to dispel this one yet again.

I have.

So I’m out – but wait, before that – the Ship membership is something EVERY serious fitness trainee simply cannot ignore my friend, if you ignore the manifold benefits of this one, you’re a fool and thats all I got to say about that.

And thats that, friend.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

More on why I dont tolerate RULE BREAKERS
- And bar them from coming back.

When I first started out in business, one of the mistakes I made was this – allowing folks to “come back” – after they willingly and knowingly transgressed, or broke a rule.

These people will almost always reply back to you after you remove them with X number of “reasons”, excuses, and other “justifications” for why they broke the rule – which they shouldn’t have in the first place (ie ASK when in doubt before you act, if you act FIRST, then bear the consequences).

Society in general has gotten way too entitled. Just read about the Instagram saga – apparently their network actively promotes paedophiles like Glyn (which is no wonder he’s been scouring my profile on there and putting pictures of me on FB groups with pictures of other peoples kids – ugh – what an ass clown this guy is, replete with “western sounding names”).

Of course, only a fool would look at the picture and the name and not understand someone has plagarized from here – and people getting back to me have said just that “someone’s stealing your pictures”.

Glyn Bozo is indeed a nutcase for the ages. Ugh again.

But anyway – I’ve been reading about some loon “Mizzy” who achieved his two minutes worth of social media fame and xxxxxxxxxxx number of followers by looting and in general creating chaos in department stores in broad daylight.

Again, Google’s your friend, I’m not going to post links for either one of the two things above here – but really, what sort of society are we moving towards when there’s no consequence for anything, and when no-one takes responsibility for their actions, and when Suckerberg and others belonging to the big three actively promote horrible things that in my view should have NO mercy shown?


Say what you like about Elon Musk, and I dont agree with all he says or does, but business wise dude’s got it spot on, twitter’s a hell of a lot better now under him than a while ago.

Anyway …

This morning a girl Helen got back to me after breaking a rule in my group – again.

She was one of the rare cases I allowed back in the first time after she broke a rule …

Very rare cases, and even then – I was proven wrong later (as well as her friends doing the exact same thing).

And this morning she sent me messages “arguing about it”.

Look, it’s one thing if there’s some ambiguity in the situation – there was the first time, so she was allowed back – but even then, these rule breakers always transgress, push the lines again.

The Ship membership is another excellent example.

Some people fail to renew on time, and then get back with all sorts of excuses about why and guess what – they aren’t allowed back – which they whine about too.

Fine and dandy, but I want doers in my groups – and life – not excuse makers.

I dont want people who excuse other people’s tardiness – I see way too much of that around me in my daily life (a certain “family members” who excuses any and all tardiness from anyone with the justification “oh their salary is so low” (when it isn’t)).

And the Ship, my friend, with all its benefits is for the elitest of the elite.

I certainly dont want this sort of energy to pollute it.

And thats why.

To receive unparalled benefits from a fitness standpoint, information you’ve never heard or seen of before presented in a manner only yours truly can – and to get into the best shape of your life x 100 – sign up here.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

Some things are just unacceptable…
- ... to me, at least.

Anne, an … well, before I start this one – disclaimer. I thought long and hard about how to fit it into this site from a fitness standpoint – couldn’t – decided not to post it – but then rather than have it jump around in my head, I wanted to get it out of my mind – and share with the list.

For whatever it’s worth, brickbats or bouquets, you decide.

In 2016, I was in one of those “hot” relationships with a lovely Chinese girl Anne – a girl that by all accounts was “entranced” when she heard the foreigner speak – and though he didnt quite sing ballads to her as she requested, she was pretty much “hooked and booked” from the day she met me.

Cute as heck, I Still remember her showing up at China Mobile once when I had trouble with them changing my then 2G SIm card to 4G (mostly all miscommunication and bureaucracy which was pissing me off) …

It proceeded at break neck speed, and the first night I was with her – I was “shocked” to see something on her mantelpiece – but that shock was followed by a “this is China” realization.

It was a black teddy bear in the shape of a monkey – an oddly shaped monkey actually … cuddly sort, all of that would be fine except it had the US flag on it, and “Obama” written on it.

Now, I’m sure loads of folks will jump up and down and say “he’s full of shit”.

No I’m not.

I still have that damn picture floating about somewhere …

And it’s probably still there on taobao or jingdong or whichever China site you choose to look on (not sure about Alibaba).

I confronted her about it, knowing it would be futile.

Thats just unacceptable, Anne, I told her. I was supposed to be her teacher, so I tried to stay in teaching mode.

Of course, the Chinese have a different definition of racism than we do, and she looked at me, surprised, and it was genuine surprise.

“It’s not racist!”

“It’s just what is!”

And so strong was the conviction in her words, and if a black person would have been there, they would have been stumped because there was literally no malicious vibe there – yet, something like that to us is deeply offensive, yet, after years spent in China, I got it – and didnt debate it further.

Ugh, I thought internally.

Now, Anne’s a great girl overall and otherwise, and obviously not “racist” if she’s with me… She’s helped me out of a tight spot many a times before, and she was nothing if not overly nice and kind to me (plus a great solid cook) – and if it hadn’t been for a complete lack of real communication between us, who knows where that one might have gone (dont get me started – hehe).

But thats China, my friend – TIC – something a lot of the liberals dont get – while jumping up and down about racism in their own country and pride movements and such (funnily enough these same large companies that extol the virtues of “pride” in the USA – when they go abroad, Middle East being a case in point – they are SILENT on “pride”, not a peep from them on it – hypocrisy, anyone??) (or, doing what it takes to get the $$?) … they ignore the fact it’s well and present in many of the countries they extol the virtues of.

Russia, Australia, and a lot of other countries slammed for racism have FAR less racism embedded into them systemically than in China.

In China it’s so deep rooted they dont even call it racism …

(and when I called it out, it was always “but you’re not black”. OK, but I’m not white, I’m not Chinese despite a lot of the chinese thinking I’m Chinese, and … well, I’m basically as I told a certain “TEMB” – him of the floor humper pushup, hehe – who sent me a show where people were debating if Indians were black – a “Heinz 57” if ya’ll know what that is – but try explaining logic to the Chinese in general, and you’ll quickly realize its a losing battle).

And no, I’m not and never was and never will be an Obama supporter – and it ain’t got nothing to do with his skin color either. I was never much for liberal hypocrisy and their nigh stupid economic policies – ok, maybe Clinton’s BJ policies made sense at the time, LOL – but thats about it!

Hillary Clinton – UGH.

And I say that because of Benghazi … but anyway, point being this isn’t about politics.

It’s about this – regardless of which side of the political spectrum you’re on, some things just aren’t acceptable.

The recent gun violence in Virginia – just another example of not acceptable, regardless of which side of the gun debate you stand on (I happen to stand on the side of firmly supporting the right to bear firearms though I’m not sure about automatic/military grade rifles and such, and why it makes sense to sell those with minimal background checks but thats a slippery slope, take one right away, the rest follow…)


I dont know why that memory hit me in the middle of the shower, and I hesitated to share it with you guys – but its out now.

I can’t keep a damn thing secret from my list. Hehe.

Fitness wise, some great, and very inspirational memories here – you’ll want to pick it up NOW along with the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

And that that – back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The above products are NOT for “typical Tom Tom’s”. ’nuff said, hehe. Yes I kinda miss the Bozo, hehe.

The real rest of flexibility.
- Hamstrings, or any other.

Over the past few days something has happened that’s nigh amazed me, friend.


I’m able to get into the splits with ease – without a lot of stretching like i did before. Ditto for a lot of the hamstring stretches that I did forever and a day, could do with lengthy stretching but never without.

I’m not discounting the value of lengthy stretching – not at all. Should be done post workout which alone is a mind bender for most…

But , the true test of if your muscles are finally starting to loosen up big time is if you can get in those positions without strain, on auto pilot almost.

I’m by no means perfect. My hamstrings still have a world to go,but they’ve gone a fair bit too.

So can yours, my friend – or whatever part of your body is inflexible.

Learn the REAL secrets to flexibility in my book here. Hint – none involve straining.

This course has gotten rave reviews and continues to . Make sure you pick it up NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

When did inflating rep counts become “kosher”?
- GROSSLY inflating in some cases...

I keep seeing folks do this – and along with the preening, pumping and posing “bicep poses” that a lot of idiots like to preen on with “the bigger the stronger” (which in itself is one of the dumbest things one could say – strength has very little to do with size in actuality) … this is a pet peeve of mine.

It should be for YOU too, my friend.

Now, what do I mean?

Take for example, this

Mark Zuckerberg has certainly been hitting the gym: last week the Facebook founder marked Memorial Day by doing “the Murph Challenge”, an intense workout that involves putting on a 20lbs vest and doing 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats and a mile-long run. He did it in just under 40 minutes, an elite time. A couple of weeks before boasting about his Murph time, Zuckerberg revealed that he had won gold and silver in a Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament. Apparently he got into jiu-jitsu during the pandemic, while us lesser mortals were baking bread and bingeing Netflix.

From Buff billionaires are latest sign that bulk is now beautiful for male body image | Arwa Mahdawi | The Guardian

Now, I’ve no doubt he might have TRIED ji jitsu, but somehow looking at Zuckerberg, winning gold and silver – unless the competition was close to zero – doesn’t sound plausible to me – does it to you?

More to the point, and this I CAN say definitively – what he posted – or the article – is utter tosh.

100 pushups done right and most do them WRONG – jerky pushups and such – terrible half reps – takes a minimum of 8-10 minutes. Thats If you’re going at a good clip, in good form, which in itself is tough enough, and if you double that – with little rest – you’ll slow down.

That becomes a BARE minimum of 20 minutes.

Squats, even without weight – 100 takes you around 2.5 minutes IF you’re doing it right, proper form , and 8 minutes is the bare minimum for 300, most dont manage that.

So thats around 20-25 minutes right there – I’m accounting for SOME rest, especially considering he’s doing ’em with weight on his back.

Next, you have 100 pull-ups.

I’ve never met anyone, myself included – that could do them all in one set.

Perhaps David Goggins…

But very few others.

And somehow I dont see Zuckerbeg knocking out sets of 10x 10 either – do YOU?

In proper form …

I’ve no doubt he can finish tough workouts in less than 40 minutes (remember, the above had a RUN too) … but these numbers are likely inflated.

Folks love to “wax lyrical” about the great Gama who did tons of pushups and squats daily, yet, 5000 of each daily – plus all the wrestling he did – plus all the pulling work – plus all the mud work – plus the ropes, clubs, et al – all of this daily is unbelievable even for a phenom like that who reputedly ate upwards of 5kgs of meat per sitting (in itself a feat!)

Then you have the average lazy fat slobs who couldn’t do 20 squats correctly, are too fat to do a dead hang for any length of time, yet they prattle on all sorts, shapes, and forms of social shedia about being able to do “long workouts” and boasting about rep counts etc when you take one look at the fat – or flatulence – or both – or bulging gut – and you can tell they do exactly “F all”.

True, looks aren’t always an indicator of what you can do, neither is size or lack thereof, but lack of conditioning and excess fat always shows up – either around your waist, or in terms of long term injuries which never quite go away …


Point of all this is simple – keep it SANE, my friend.

Don’t inflate rep counts to make it look better, or for ego. Its far better to do less, but more INTENSELY.

And thats the moral of the day.

NOWEHERE in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, which has been universally acclaimed, accepted and acknowledged as one of the best and most (quickest) results producing fitness system out there do I overly stress on how many reps you can or should do.

NOWEHERE in Pushup Central do I do that.

I tell you how long things should take yes, but thats about it.

Other than that, focus on form – breathing – and RYTHM – and mindset, my friend.

Arm yourself with that mindset, you’ll go far, and can’t miss…


Rahul Mookerjee

Overcompensation, weak links and more…
- More on weak links.

This afternoon while stretching, the most basic of stretches, I had to remind myself – again.

Keep the legs straight, Rahul!

This while doing basic toe touches, splits etc – which I’m very good at – and yet, I gotta keep reminding myself “creature of habit with naturally weak hamstrings for most of my life, naturally (therefore) SHORT hamstrings” to “lengthen” consiciously (Bozo Schofield, no puns please).

Though even that muscle can be lengthened I’m sure, but we ain’t talking about that.

While doing splits, I’ve got to consciously remind myself to let the hamstrings “stick to the floor”.

And other such minor details.

Now, this can often be a problem not just “weak link” wise, but weakening a weak link further.

When doing high rep pushups, squats, you’ll naturally have the tendency to slack a bit on form.

And – you’ll slack even more weak area wise.

I ain’t saying pushups are done for hamstrings – though they certainly do strengthen and stretch them – but what I AM saying is, as an example, you’ll often see people do high rep Hindu pushups on toes.

This is great.

But, not stretching to heel all the way back neglects the hamstrings.

Ditto for overreliance on Hindu squats as opposed to bodyweight.

Sometimes, this “overcompensation” might be good even, and cannot be avoided.

Yours truly “monkey” has his left arm slightly longer than the right, and therefore, I have to adjust while doing pushups, pull-ups etc – else I get elbow strain etc.

So will you.

But other things, like hamstrings – every time I find myself consciously slacking – I slow down, reduce reps, get into the muscle mind wise, and focus on form.

Which I’m about to do again since I interrupted my splits to write to you.

Point is this, friend, weak links in your chain are where you’ll be attacked and where you’ll slack, and you cannot be truly strong and healthy without strengthening weak links to the point they become a strength for you  – grip being an example for me there, and back.

And core …

Hamstrings remain.


Point also is, while you might think “compensating” with your thighs, for instance, while doing squats when it should really be the HIPS coming into it, leaning too far forward etc is “ok for now”, it is not.

You dont do much for the already strong part, since form will be off, and you weaken the weak part further, and it leads to injury or worse – and same thing for if you’re fat and have a huge belly.

Ultimately, it’ll catch up to you and you’ll have all sorts of painful injuries it will take you forever to recover from.

Fact, my friend.

Leading up to this – train FULL body, train daily, train smart, train sane, sensible.

Do so via the techniques outlined in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and you cannot go wrong.

Join the Ship for more such golden nuggets, free videos, real life examples and more.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

More on Manifestation …
- ... Yes, it's a thing.

Yes, as I’ve said before, it’s a thing.

Yes, it happens.

Yes, your WILDEST dreams and fantasies DO come true – albeit maybe not always at the timeframe you set for them … (“rushing” things in itself is a huge mistake most folks make – and one the so called “gurus” out there never bother to correct – so they can keep making their money off the “herd”).

My manifestation, my friend, is accomplished in the POLAR opposite manner of what most so called gurus advocate.

I also get far better results – including, but not limited to-

Making SALES – on auto pilot – bigger amounts than I’ve ever made. (without “working harder” for it).

Thinking of what I want to eat – and then getting it – on auto pilot – without doing a thing extra other than the thinking (no, I’m not referring to the cooking part here).

(Lets assume you were getting X, but you wanted X And Y, and then … you got offered just that).

Thinking someone will ask me for something – or show up at my doorstep – and have that happen – like clockwork, almost on schedule …

Thinking the phone will ring – and it DOES.

Looking at myself in the mirror daily, getting better and better with (so called) age – as most wither around me, get fat, and so forth – now granted I work out HARD, but it isn’t so much what I do as HOW I do it.

Claude Bristol writes about folks finding “bundles of money” by the wayside “using this mind stuff” in the Magic of Believing. He writes about some things that aided HIM in making the massive fortune he eventually did.

He talks about many practical things, and I’ve advocated this book so often to folks that I sound like a stuck record – and yet, the teachings in that book, as most of MINE – are immortal.

You cannot digest the book in one sitting, it will take you YEARS in many cases to truly understand the meaning of what is being taught. The true student will read, re-read, apply to their own lives, modify, and so forth …

Now, just so you know – none of this involves the following –

Thinking “I deserve it” so I should get it

Thinking “think and it will happen” (just think)

“Spreading good vibes” (thats part of it yes, but most people do it WRONG) 

Religious tosh, wearing beads, chains, amulets etc … 

None of that, my friend. (and none of the nonsense most self help gurus advocate about saying “I am this, I am that”).

It ain’t about spending money you dont have and think “more will come to me” – NO.

Most of my magic is accomplished without saying a word, but with deep THOUGHT. The same way I explain in the book on defeating Nazi feminism

Although hard work is part of it – it certainly isnt the whole picture either. If it was, well, the world’s laborers would all be millionaires…

And it’s literally scary – jn a good way at a times, as I unconsciously, yet consciously (there is always a reason for me saying anything) said to the wife the other day when she was asking for something I had predicted she would days in advance with no real reason …

“Now THATS manifestation – truly”.

Hehe. It is!

And these principles, my friend, are laid out for you in Zero to Hero! – from someone that has been there, done that – and continues to do so.

From someone that has seen the giddy highs and extreme lows, and probably will in the future too …

… You’ll want to grab the VIDEOS for that above product too – those are the real icing on the cake.

And remember, everything works as well today as it did years ago. No, the economy, or state of the moon, or religious BS has got nothing at all to do with it.

These principles work for ANY goal you set your mind to – fitness, women, money, spiritual development – all of it.

And the proof, my friend is nigh in front of you (yours truly).

The teacher is truly here, my friend, and the student shall appear soon too.

Back soon!

Best ,

Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember, Ship members get access to all of this wisdom and more for ONE set membership fee. Get your membership NOW before the fee goes UP – again.

And to apply for private coaching – you can do so here.

Bodyweight squats
- Yes!!

The great Gama who reputedly did thousands of squats and pushups daily started at a tender age, and do it should be.

Old habits die Hard. Enough said.

At the age of 9, he participated in a competition not just slomgside ordinary adults, but wrestlers, some great of the time.

The Maharaja – one of Indias many at the time has organized the competition “a last man standing” sort of thing .

No man stood.

The Gama did, and was reportedly bed ridden for weeks after that.

Now, why this story?

Lots of folks have this very erroneous idea that bodyweight squats are somehow “inferior” to Hindus. Including yours truly when I first started…

These, and many other wrong ideas is why I wrote squat 101.

Don’t get me wrong.

Hindu squats are great.

But ignoring bodyweight squats in favor of the former …well, you’d be Ill advised to do so.

I’ve started why before and in the book

And as I get done with 250 squats, heart hammering as I write this on the dumb phone – man!!

I focused on breath. With each rep.

Ass to grass letter perfect form.

I did not overly worry about time, yet, when I finally looked at the clock (yes, still have one!!) .. wow. It did not take much longer than normal.

I’ve always said and rightly so you shouldn’t take forever and a day for 500 squats.

You keep going.

But not and never at the expense of your form and breathing.


You don’t take long breaks either. I paused for breath yes, but I remained on my feet. Do this right, you will understand the great wisdom behind the saying “Your breath is your power”. It really is!

More in the book, but for now, and again, nothing works hamstrings and butt better than bodyweight squats done right.

And halfway thighs parallel to the floor ain’t the right way.

“Pump in thighs” my ass – pun intended.

Bottom – pun – line.

Get Squat 101.

Read, learn, and then apply.

And that’s that!

Rahul Mookerjee


PS – Overreliance on Hindus or any one way of exercising is ill advised. A strength over extended does become a weakness. In this case, your thighs get stronger, hamstrings weaker. Not good. The back of your body is where the power comes from .. coming from someone with naturally weak and majorly inflexible hamstrings, you better listen!

Why I play to WIN.
- And always will.

Long term that is, and following on from what I wrote yesterday about making yourself indestructible.. (that email caused a lot of idiots, morons, and flakes to unsubscribe) …

… “There’s no second best. Second – SUCKS”.

  • Bull Hearley, Over the top.

… Your BEST? Losers whine about their best. Winners go home and **** the Prom Queen!

(that was the great Sean connery in “The Rock” taunting Nicholas Cage to “grow a pair” – hehe – when he was whining about doing his best).

(apparently Cage did ultimately eff the prom queen, but thats a different story!)

And so on and so forth, I could tell you many tales like this, the one that most comes to mind is something I’ve thought about a lot.

In a fight between Herschel Walker and Iron Mike – just who would WIN?

Brawl of the legends!

Turns out I ain’t the only one thinking about it …

Turns out Walker already thought about it years ago.

As he said “I think I could beat him”.

Remember this was when Walker was a star football player yes, but not much else (though thats plenty!) …

That CONFIDENCE in himself he had – at  a time Iron Mike was killin the boxing world – that spoke volumes, and folks remember it till this day.

I love both of these guys, now if you were to ask me, in the ring I’d give it to Tyson even at his age, but other than that I’d say Walker hands down (though of course there are many other variables – all things being equal that is).

Both legends to me, tip of the hat to BOTH – but if I had to really choose one, I’d go for Walker, but it’s a very tough choice, one I would NOT want to make!

Anyway …

It is why I’m writing this email (in part) to explain my philosophies again.

Training wise, life wise, career wise – I dont play to lose or settle.

I play to WIN.

No matter what the cost be.

There has been and will continue to be tremendous collateral damage, often times at huge so called “costs” to me as I keep playing this way, and I know it – realize it – and accept it gladly.

End of the day, I dont want to be remembered as a whiny wimp whining about getting injured, doing their best, sitting in some cube their whole life wishing “oh, I wish I had that freedom”, not having money ever, and so forth or depending on wives/significant others, or having to scam old women like Bozo Schofield – you get the picture, the list goes on.

I play to win, friend.

That philosophy exudes through to my list as well.

And here’s a note I should have added yesterday.

Although the recent culls on the list have removed a lot of non doers, “sitting on the wall” sorts that continue to be Humpty Dumpty, the fact is this – some of you have signed BACK UP sneakily.

I’ve noticed this.

And while I’m not removing you for now, I will if you continue to be a bump on a log, and the next time you ain’t returning, because the software will not just remove you, but BLOCK you from resigning up.

Let that be a warning to all the do nothing’s out there, the “postpone purchase” sorts, and so forth …

And this philosophy, and results like you’ve never dreamt of before are there in each and every one of my products, all my writing, anything I say, do, think and so forth.

It always has been, it always will be, if you ain’t on board, tough.

And thats that, friend.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Play to WIN! There’s no point otherwise, no-one remembers the hordes and second bests in life. Fact.

Make yourself indestructible
- YES.

There is simply no other way, my friend.

Back in school, we had this strange concept of “back” – which basically meant “backup”.

For the uninitiated, this means that the bullies and tough guys at school were usually the back – while the skinny runts and those that refused to conform despite their lack of physical stature (yours truly)- and those that got WHACKED the most, humiliated the most … well, were the ones that “called the back” (I’m translating from Hindi to English here).

I remember talking to a good friend of mine Rajinder who was SOLID – back then, at least – and could easily have fit in “back” along with a few others I knew (oddly enough, I never called upon them).

And I was complaining about how I got my ass kicked all the time, and he made this sage comment while tightening his stomach muscles.

“Hit me as hard as you can!”

I did.

My fist might as well have bounced off (and note this guy wasn’t necessarily lean either – he was SOLID, like an oak tree) (with a fair bit of fat too yes).

He laughed.

“Make yourself so that no-one can hurt you!” were the words I heard back then in grade 11, and I’ve always remembered it, carried it around with me.

Years later, at the age of 37, I invited my buddy from the Marines whose a mountain of muscle to “give me one in the gut”.

He laughed.

“I’d be wasting my time!”

I laughed back – though I Didnt want to find out! Hehe. I did find out with Marc the African Silverback Gorilla once in the gut and the upper chest – POW!

“Youre a man! You can take a punch!”

So I can.

Bullying, physical violence and the such has not been new to me growing up despite what many think.

Where am I going with this?

Certainly not the state of the school bullies today, most of whom are sad sorry “cuckolded” tubs of lard TODAY – probably not all, but all I’ve met.

How time changes things.

My point here is this – make yourself indestructible.

Charles Mitchell once made this point about the variations of pushups in Pushup Central building what he called “truly indestructible humans”.

And he is right… spot on.

Think about it.

What do pushups build the MOST.

Yes, entire body, but most?

Stamina, core and grip (if you know how to on that last one).

And while strength is definitely on that list, that holds true for pull-ups and other workouts too – but when it comes to the above three together, few things hold a candle to the “best bodyweight exercise ever” – the pushup (squat yes, on the first two, but still!).

In life, you make yourself indestructible.

You have plan A, plan B, plan C and more, and all from the subconscious.

This don’t mean you wont have damage, or collateral damage, but end of the day – YOU win.

It’s that simple.

The current geopolitics between Russia and the West, and I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again – you’d have to be an utter fool to think Russia doesn’t have, and hasn’t had all the aces in hand before taking action.

You’d be an even bigger fool if you ignored the goose and gander here – wars and bigger ones have been started for far less provocations than the Russians were subjected to (and warned folks about in advance).

I realize what I said about the current “war” got a lot of unsubscribes the last time I sent it out, I realize lots of folks will “cancel” me, but I could give a rip less – and no, I am NOT going to stop talking about politics or anything under the sun I so desire.

End of the day, Russia was done wrong here, and thats really the bottom line.

I bring this up not to debate that issue, but to simply state again – make yourself indestructible.

End of the day, thats what really counts.

And physically, it boils down to grip, stamina (which involves legs) and CORE.

There is NO better one exercise than to tax all these, my friend, that being the mighty yet humble pushup, and NO instructor better to kick your ass – and HELP you while doing so – at it – than Rahul Mookerjee and his pathbreaking book Pushup Central, my friend.

And yes, you’d be a fool to ignore this email, click away and do nothing (if you have not already – if you have, then Pushup Central – the TIPS! waits).

And thats that, friend – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee