Why dangling the bait doesn’t necessarily mean ALL fish will bite.
- I can just imagine

I can just imagine -nay, mentally, the conversation has already happened in the mind, therefore the results in real life, some idiot (nah, I’m not referring to either ANY troll here nor a significant other – I’m referring to the “Queen” of that heap if you get my drift, most wont, hehe, but I’ll let you guess WHO – again, NOT a certain significant other being talked about here or a troll) …


“He hasn’t succeeded”, this idiot bawls while talking about, ignoring the fact she’ s never earned a Rupee or penny or whatever in her life, can’t stand up for herself during an argument she initiates (she puts her husband in the firing line and he’s happy to take the heat) – and she keeps obsessing about me like so many haters and trolls do.

Difference being?

Everyone obsesses about me, yes – thats my nature. Hehe. I’ve always been that way – but the vast majority of people do it because they’re jealous of my success – nomadic lifestyle (who wouldn’t want/love it) -freedom to do exactly as I please with my time, business (which I dont run according to some idiot Guru telling me how to run it) – CHOOSING with a fine grained comb the type of customers I WANT here and dismissing the rest – and so forth.

Difference is, this lunatic does so because …

… ah, let me take that back , deep down inside she knows it aint about success or failure, its about the fact the prodigal son, the hell raiser, the iconoclast did not turn out in a suit and tie as she wanted, slave to the corporate world.

That don’t mean they didnt almost succeed at that goal though – for years, I gave it a shot, but our destiny is what it is, mine was never to sit at a desk job.

It would take a grand buffoon not to notice that from a young age…

Anyway – dangling.

This “genius” often takes advantage of her gender, shows up to “dangle the bait” and make statements she knows beyond a certain point due to her age and SO CALLED status she (thinks) she can get away with.

Statements that would ordinarily rile up anyone listening to the point they’d go berserk.

I used to too, years back.

Now, being as used to Nazi feminism as I am, I turn around it on her, and that riles HER up, and then of course the defense (which is utterly pathetic) steps in if you get my drift, pathetic from a logical and all other standpoints.

Now, point?

Well two, one,  if she had some actual brains which she does, or I should say, had applied herself to marketing, she might have actually done somewhat well, maybe.

Marketers dangle the carrot or bait all the time. Hehe.

thing is not all fish are idiots or lunatics …

And to get the SMART fish to bite – you have to dangle, except your shit needs to be backup by two things -one, results, and two LOGIC.

And that, combined with the expert dangling brings the bacon – or cheese – or both -home.

So many people get the last right, first two – woefully wrong.

Anyway … thats the cricket for now, pun intended.

Bait for now – and it’ll damn well get you in the best shape of your life whether I dangle it in front of your nose or not – the 0 Excuses Fitness System 

Get it NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

Why although I love and prefer training in the GREAT OUTDOORS – you should never, ever, ever discount the value of training at HOME.
- Amen.

I remember an old Muhammad Ali line about doing roadwork (maybe it was Ali, not sure – I think it was) outside at 4AM in the morning when “no-one else would dream of doing it”.

Day in and day out in the cold weather, rain, sleet, whatever it was – and I mean real cold, not “1 degree Celsius cold” – he did it.

It’s those hard yards you put in when no-one else either does, or could be bothered to it, and even a lot of doers shy awy from doing ’em – that win you the match.

Ali was fond of saying matches are won away from the ring, on the road, out there on your lonesome, and he was spot on my friend.

Without that strength and conditioning, you have nothing – both together – you got it made.

Now, what does this mean for YOU – and I?

It means this – simply put – not all of you, most people reading this, are pro boxers or athletes with a required dedication to their routine that the vast majority of folks can only dream of.

It also means that for some of us, despite being equally dedicated – there are times when outside just wont cut it, like today where I’m at – cold, rainy (the cold isn’t an issue for me, the RAIN is – and why? The thick bars become impossible to grip in that rain!) …

… and you have a choice of doing nothing, or doing the same thing indoors.

Thank “God” for pull-up bars – hehe. And the 0 Excuses Fitness System – and the workouts in Pushup Central and Squat 101 – all of which, a combo therein I’m fixing to use TODAY in my workout – all done at home.

Maybe I’ll stream it, maybe I wont.

One thing is for sure though, I wont skip my routine.

And I’ll be back to the great outdoors tomorrow again …

And thats the message for this one.

Back soon – oh, maybe I’ll watch some sports too, in SUNNY Weather hopefully. Hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

Fat breeds … well, fatheads and more FAT.
- Ugh.

I remember talking about “sizes” back in college – nah, not THAT size.

About big guys, fat guys, the lot with my friend Bruce – who was “forearm strength” wise far stronger than I at that point – otherwise, a skinny guy – yours truly, pretty damn skinny too (before my swimming days actually these, definitely before I stopped swimming and climbing several sets of stairs daily to the dorm on the 4th floor and became PHAT with the ex girlfriend’s cooking) …

I remember mentioning how huge some guys lower bodies were – not necessarily in a fit sense, and I’ll remember what ole Bruce Clark rightly said.

“If those legs have to carry all that mass around …. ” 

This evening, I received an update from a guy whose been following a troll around here for a while, and to say what the guy shared was pukeworthy would be being polite.

Imagine a fat obese guy with bitch tits hanging down his waist damn near (serious case of gyno) wearing something thats a cross between a Scottish kilt and a mini skirt for women – and pulling the latter up to display a triangular shaped crotch in a most obscene fashion.

Ostensibly, the import is supposed to make us believe “his legs are big and strong” (although they look anything but).

He even cautions against any ideas of real fitness by saying “they’re not defined”, but the whole image is so cringeworthy. UGH!

It looks like what he is, a guy unable to decide on his or her gender, a guy that is lazy and fat – a guy that looks like he does the only sort of exercise he promotes ie. two second TIk Tok bursts, and then sleeping on the couch for hours later.


Now, lots of you would have rightly guessed who this troll is – Bald Benni whose rapidly racing away to grab the spot for #1 troll here …

Y’know, the fat loser who hasn’t paid a single bill in his life, mooches off the wife for everything, has no money of his own, doesn’t do anything but sit at home and play “fitness guy” while he grows fatter, more obese and more miserable at not being able to make a single sale no matter what he does …

All of you know him.

And while he’s not important in the grand scheme of things, I mention him solely because … well, his sort panders to the inherent laziness in most people these days.

Human beings are inherently lazy to begin with – just ask a certain Jeff Bezos on that one!

And if you keep selling them the concept of “we’re big, not fat” (when the reality, both medically and aesthetically is the polar opposite) – along with a whole bunch of dodgy supplements that are more harmful to people’s health probably – or just as harmful – as being fat and overweight – then people in general being as lazy as they are will eat it up. (despite maybe not consciously wanting to).

Believe me.

I could make millions pandering to this sort of thing if I wanted to, but I dont for a reason – the same reason I dont don saffron robes and become a long haired Baba.

Because it ain’t right to con people, which is what con artists and scammers like this Benny do (speaks legions to his sales abilities, or lack thereof, that even with all this hes barely ever able to sell anything) …

Because that ain’t fitness, let alone real fitness.

Maybe Big Bertha fitness, yes, and by Golly, “Bald Benni” aint the only one promoting this – theres tons of fat, obese women out there promoting this sort of thing too.

Most recently I saw a female powerlifter on Twitter – anything BUT fit – but she posted a whole host of “excuses” as to why she was “big” but not fat.

Look, nothing against her powerlifting ability, but being strong and powerful doesnt mean you have to have a flabby corpulent MIDSECTION.

Fat around the midsection gives it all away, and medically is the worst fat you can have – period.

When I was fat, and still pounding out pull-ups I had HUGE arms for one – but did that mean I was fit and healthy despite my obvious strength back then even?

Heck no…

And back to this Benni – some affiliates around here have questioned just how it’s possible he could not make ONE SINGLE sale – not even one.

EVERY affliliate around here has, or has made at least SOME sales.

Not so fat Benni – and the reason was not what Paul thinks (one of the higher ranked affiliates around here) that “I didnt help him”.

Sure I did.

I did more for him than I would for a lot of people – Paula on the other site excluded, but shes the polar opposite of Benni – I am TRULY lucky and honored to have someone like that work for me!

Hell I even put his picture on the page of Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) in the hope it would motivate him to do more than throw shit against the wall and see if it sticks, but ultimately you can’t change the way a person is if that person wont be changed.

Beyond the inherent laziness and utter lack of any sort of plans, thinking etc though – one more reason the guy failed to sell a single damn thing?

Or two, actually ..

One, he’s a flat out liar.

That much is obvious by how he talks about high rep workouts that looking at him it;s plainly evident he’s never done. Even if you dont look at how he looks, just listening to him talk about how 500 squats in a row, or 500 pushup workouts are “boring” – man – its bloody obvious the guy can’t breathe without telling some sort of lie in the same breath. And talking about doing high rep workouts, losing weight – the classic example of the obese doctor we all know who rails at his patients about losing weight … (and then wonders why they dont trust him, like I have not many a doc. Lots are smart crooks interested in one thing – their own damn pockets, period – I know this from when my daughter was born and how they forced the wife into a C section when it wasn’t required, the rounds we made – for months – and the money we spent on a stomach problem of hers – and a colonoscopy too – in hindsight, NONE of it required, and neither did it solve the problem!)

I dont know very many people at all who knock out 500 pushups daily, yours truly is one.

And I could describe those workouts as many things, but boring they aren’t – ditto x 10 for squats which the guy is too lazy to do, does in terrible form when he does do ’em, and clearly fudges the numbers on his workouts all the time “to try to sell” while being as his friends call him “morbidly obese”.

And so he does step ups, which are easier for him given the levels of fat he carries, in his case a classic lazy man’s excuse for not doing squats (and gives the other exercise  a bad name too).

People can smell BS from a mile away, especially coming from a corpulent wannabe like him, so that is one huge reason. I mean lets face it, if you look like you’ve got  a serious case of gyno and constantly lark on about how much weight you so called lost … nah, that dont fly BennyBoy.

Secondly, guy was more interested at times it seemed in sending me his flabby bloated pictures than actually working for a living, all he wanted was “bro talk” it seemed.

I didnt tell him this initially so as to not dampen his even by then shrinking enthusiasm … Turns out in hindsight I might as well have, would have saved myself the hassle.

Anyway – back to “legs looking big”?

Look, if you’re going by looks alone?

Then the thighs should look like the biggest part of your body – not simply “big” carrying even bigger around (unless it’s one of those fat pelican leg guys  running around).

Look at the ancient Greek statues – or even yours truly – or anyone truly fit.

The thighs will instantly strike you as being the meatiest portion of the body, accentuated even more by a narrow waist and “non existed” belly – a DEFINED, strong midsections – a BROAD back – packed chest – all of it without being too overly muscular – and strong forearms with cords running up and down them – powerful traps, strong neck, and so forth.

I could write a poem on all that, but thats the gist.

Contrast that with if you’re fat – the legs might be big, but nothing, not even size XXXXL clothing disguises the fat hanging down the man tits and belly … ugh.

And people like this promote it as “real fitness” , when in reality its Big Bertha fitness, so it needs to be called out, period.

Its lunatics like this that troll real men like us writing real books on fitness (that they ain’t even read) …

Oddly enough, their lies are one huge reason I sell so much.

I know thats a Profit Troll secret out of the bag.

But it’s true, like a customer once said “If youre that proud of Pushup Central, and the trolls see fit to troll it the most, then I must have it”

Look, pal, pulling your skirt up ain’t how you do it.

If you’re truly confident in how you look, do shirtless workouts – and see what people say.

Oh wait, they’ve already called you out on the bitch tits, gyno, utter lack of fitness and so forth…

My main beef with this sort of clown isn’t so much all the above, but their lies – period. I cannot stand liars, and these guys are grade A liars and scam artists – and anything you hear this sort say – do take it with a massive pinch of salt. Or two.

And stay away from their supplements, indeed, I wonder if these dodgy supplements themselves aren’t in part along with laziness Fat Benni never loses an ounce of weight (him and others like him).

Long story short – if after all this you’re still more interested in Big Bertha and her supplements, then by all means go for it but that sort of thing won’t be welcome around these parts, my friend.

Other hand, if you’re into real fitness from the inside out –  a no nonsense approach to fitness that has been rightly hailed amongst the world’s greatest in terms of fitness – well – go here – and grab the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The #1 exercise for big, strong powerful legs is the SQUAT, my friend. Nothing replaces it, and no amount of lazy fools claiming exercises like stepups (good in their own right) “replace” squats. Nothing does, not even climbing hills daily for hours which I’ve done for years upon years, nothing replaces the feeling of mincemeat for thighs after a good set of squats, anyone that tells you any different is a fake and a sham – and a scam artist, and likely a loafer too whose never DONE them, period, and is just whistling Dixie out his fat rear in that regard.

Remember, if you aint’ squatting, you aint training is a maxim that is as important as (like grip strength) breathing itself, and as much of a truism.

And the book that gets you going on squats like NO other will is Squat 101.

If you’re in any way, again, serious about real fitness as opposed to Big Bertha Fitness, then you’ll grab this NOW, period.

And thats that!

Oh, and as for fat breeding fat, in my mind it breeds CONTEMPT – especially when said people try and pass it off as “different fitness” or Big Bertha Fitness. What have people become, eh.


The type of pull-ups most people do NOT do (those that even do it right to start with)

Oddly enough, or maybe not – its the pull-up I teach as a basic, staple pull-up EVERYONE should be able to do at least 3-5 reps of in proper form, slow and steady, thick grips, chin over bar.

Thats the short of it, at least – no pun intended.

The way you see the pull-up mangled, people not going even halfway up, people kipping, then the Marjorie Taylor Greene “butterfly pull-up” (wtf was that MJT – I’m an admirer of your politics, your pull-ups, not so much, hehe – unless you did that for “gureilla marketing purposes” as it were) …

Anyway the long of it – lets get to that now – this afternoon, lots of fun working out – both at home, and outside.

At home was the “warmup” which turned into almost a 100 pushups and lot more – the actual workout later, jumping rope, more pushups, 40 pull-ups and splits – all of it filmed on … LIVESTREAM!

Boy, for a guy who said he hated videos and I really don’t love ’em that much now either – we’re sure picking up speed there!

Livestreaming came across as a result of several factors, I’ll get into those later.

But I did notice it was a lot of fun, it also saves a lot of space on my phone (which I really need to buy a new one, my cranky ass refuses to unless I really “need to” though – much like Jeff Bezos driving a beat down Honda well on his way to a million or billion dollars in the bank/stock “it’s a perfectly good phone – so long as you attach an external battery to it”. Hehe). .

. . .and, despite hordes of people running around the park today, was a national holiday and apparently “Tambola” or “Bingo” day at the park, all the ladies, husbands and a gaggle of highly paid maids out there with bratty kids (lottery in English) – and tons staring as I did my thang, I felt oddly calm when livestreaming.

I can’t explain it, maybe I feel more like I’m talking to the people there on my livestream – same thing with videos, but it’s different, I can’t explain it

Anyway, while approaching the pull-up part of my workout I saw a dude out there doing pull-ups – pushups, and so forth.

One thing I noticed, he was doing them in sets of 10 or so, but his “rest” which you shouldn’t really need unless you’re going slow, slow, slow and perfect attention to form which he wasn’t doing – but his overall form was pretty good nonetheless – but the rest, he’d rest in the downward dog position which so many people do while doing pushups, then do more reps.

I dont do that, as I explained in my livestream today.

You CAN do it- no doubt it gives you more reps, since it takes the pressure off the arms and shoulders.

My rest is done in the top position of the pushup, just holding, as I find it fires the muscles up far more and keeps the pressure on them anyway – as opposed to the downward dog position which my friend from the Marines – his “cohort” in the Marines that once did 150 pushups “close grip” in one set rested that way, so people do it like that – but I think – I know – its FAR better to rest in the plank position than otherwise, since you get a workout while “Resting” too.

I can hear Vincent say, almost “Your way is better, yes!” – but there’s tons of ways to do’em!

Hes right. Hehe.

I miss you, bro. One of the very few people I can say that about … we’ve been through a lot, cold beers and such accompanying us everywhere too. Hehe.

Anyway – that aside, pull-ups, the guy was doing some pretty decent hammer grip pull-ups, pulling his chin over the bar as well, maybe not doing the dead hang ALL the way down, but pretty damn close – good job.

His overall physique though – man, he wasn’t quite “pelican legs” – but them legs needed some serious, serious work!

A LOT more pushups and squats, I was thinking, but he was in pretty good shape it seemed otherwise, but pull-ups – he wasn’t doing a single one of the ones I was.

He DID do some horizontal pull-ups on the dipping bars, great way to work up to regular pull-ups, but again, the sort of pull-up you see nary anyone doing?

Thick bar pull-ups, regular grip, slightly wider than shoulder width, all the way up, chin over, pause, all the way down, pause, back up.


These are the bread and butter of MY pull-up routines, my friend, and the results are there for ALL to see.

Not saying chin-ups or hammer grip pull-up are worthless – no – but the former is somewhat of an unnatural movement as I’ve said (think about it – how many times in real life do you grip like that?) – and puts excess strain on the elbows – the second is good, but an EASIER variant of the pull-up.

If you really want to do those, then do them in the style I mention in Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD – within WEEKS!

Even then, you cannot ignore the regular pull-up -no way, Jose.

Grip wise, I see virtually NO-one using their thumb – or thick bars.

Both cardinal “errors” in terms of building a rugged cast iron grip and a strong – super strong – upper body in general.

Believe me, working with thick bars or their home equivalent the “thick grips” (which aren’t the same, not as tough, but still a damn good alternative) work far more than the grip. You’ll feel your entire upper body fire MORE if you do sets of pull-ups on thick bars in good form than you would otherwise on regular pull-up stands, doorway chinning bars or what not (and doorway bars are great for focus on form by the way – limited space really forces you to focus more on FORM!).

This forms the baseline of exercises mentioned in Gorilla Grip, Gorilla Grip (ADVANCED!) – and Gorilla Grip TIPS ie. what I mentioned above, EVERY exercise damn near in that book will have that concept mentioned in it.

Anyway … the advanced book on pull-ups shows you how to get CARDIO in with pull-ups too – something most people dont associated with this exercise, but oh yeah – pull-ups will get the lungs pumping big time if you do it right…

My next plan is to work in pull-ups and other exercises into the livestreaming too – so long as I can figure out how to get people away from the swing set … Heh.

We’ll see how it goes, but all fun and games, and great workouts today.

So many videos, all on the channel. Enjoy – lots more to come!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Write back – let me know what you guys want to see next!

See what makes it different.
- In life, fitness, everything is - or should be - in the fLOW.

See what makes it different, I can predict myself saying – either to myself – or to YOU.

Workout wise, those of you that are hitting it hard day after day, silent doers, day in and day out, without a break – well, you know what I mean.

Beyond a certain point, you just go out there and DO.

Within a certain set of principles, core routines, exercises – whatever it is – the key to continuous improvement – or ONE Of them – is this – make each workout different – tougher in SOME way – and therefore hit your body differently – and therefore a more productive workout in SOME manner.

If you do it right, often times you’ll see its hard to plan for such things.

As you DO, the different comes into play.

I had no idea anything like archer pushups even existed, yet, once I started to DO them – some workouts they became the mainstay of my routine.

Ditto for the current workhorse of my pushup routine – the floor humper – Jack La Lanne pushup – whatever you call it. Until I saw a picture of La Lanne doing it, I believe in 2007 – I never really paid much attention to it at all (big mistake).

Some of you have written back to me with an interesting request!

That being, film some of my live workouts – for you.

Which I might well do very soon – I might well do starting TODAY.

I’ll see how the live streaming etc works, but for a guy that “hated videos” – and I did – sure been a 180 degree change eh – I’m ENJOYING them – every minute of them – now!

And so are you ,based upon feedback, which is great.

So the workouts, well, there’s plenty already there on the channel, but I’m going to take you through what I do “daily”.

i.e. no frills, fancies, and I’ll show you everything I do – which means pausing in the middle of a workout and changing the idea of doing regular pushup #120 to doing one arm floor humpers #120. Hehe.

ALL of it.

Lots more to come, stay tuned.

(as for why? Well, sometimes it’s important to show you EXACTLY how I do things DAILY – replete with all the minor nuances, annoyances etc – while filming specifically for products, its a different sort of workout than the “run of the mill” workouts I do daily – by the way, thats a WRONG choice of word, but you get my drift – its those workouts that really deliver results, both for me – and for you).

From a TV star to a live streaming personality? Hehe …

Anyway, stay tuned as I said.

In the meantime, remember Pushup Central is the one course every serious fitness trainee – along with 0 Excuses Fitness – simply must have on their bookshelf, virtual or physical – no exceptions.

And if you haven’t yet gotten the above two books, and Squat 101 for that matter, and claim to be serious about fitness – well, get them NOW.

Links – Pushup Central, Squat 101 – and 0 Excuses Fitness.

(remember to choose the right option to buy, we’ve got so many now).

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS. –


When you’re too exhausted to do even a single rep of the pushup (or “too sore to”) …
- Insert term of choice.

Make no mistake about it, my friend – I trained today, and trained hard – but not nearly as hard as I go everyday.

Hard enough though – and given the park was damn near empty for a change, all chronicled on video too – youd think it would be the perfect day to hit it SUPER HARD -yet, ’twas one of those days where doing even one pushup felt like a chore, so “sore” was I – I know it rhymes, no pun intended.

Much like I told my daughter whose wanting to watch Republic Day (in India) parades tomorrow, well, “I dont mean to rain on your parade” I said – pun intended, because it might well RAIN here tomorrow for all we know.

Anyway, these days will happen, especially for those of you that do what I do, between 300-500 pushups daily, between 70-100 pull-ups – and a lot more (clubs, sprints, jogs, rope jumping and such).

And you’d think it would be a day for isometrics, yet, oddly enough, that made up part of the day.

What I really did today was Animal Kingdom Workout movements – the basics, yet the staples even in that book, amongst all the other great 68 animal movements I put in there – these being the FROG jump – and the BEAR crawl.

I was thinking of hammering out alligator crawls too – maybe next time.

And I put out a great little “killing two birds with one stone” here –

And then here –



And then I put out some more thoughts … on the economy, first off here –


(this one is sure to ruffle many feathers, but all I say is spot on true, so all I can say is dont watch either if you a) believe in only ONE way to pronounce a word, hehe – or b) are a Mama’s boy or “suck off the government teat” sort of easily offended person … )

And lots more too on the channel – enjoy!



I’m sure I’ll be back to high rep tomorrow, for today, the wife told my daughter “well the day is young, get him to finish his pushups and pull-ups in the evening!”

Daughter needed no second invites, of course.

“dad! INstantly after lunch, hurry up – dont dwadle – a 1000 pushups and 10,000 pull-ups!”

“Get to it, Dad!”

Hehe…. She almost said “chop chop” did the Little Princess!

That she can even think of such numbers when it comes to workouts – well, she sees high reps in front of her daily damn near, so …

And thats the sort  of example you need to be setting to your kids, my friend, not the lazy fat entitled “sofa to potty” workout types or two minute Tok Tik nonsense or such …

Alright, got that off my chest.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember, pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW if you have not already. Truly the quickest way to whip your ass into shape starting TODAY.

Advice from a celebrity to all the fat trollish addicted losers out there – the fanboys, the “haunters” – and so forth.
- This is for all of YOU.

I wrote this once on the other site in 2020 I believe, and the time has come now to say it here. I woke up this morning, and while my thoughts are usually occupied with anything but business first thing in the morning (not necessarily workouts either for those of you wondering) – this one is being written without me even being awake fully – or fully awake, is it ? “Thats how we are”, hehe.

Anyway, that aside, and first off – if you’re a real DOER, the silent and sturdy sort that goes about their own business – not interfering with what others do – silently buying products, USING the info in them to BETTER – I repeat, BETTER – your own, I repeat YOUR OWN life – without trolling those that have made it or are making it “out of sheer impotency and jealousy” – then this isn’t aimed at you – but there is a bit in the PS that IS aimed at you.

This, and I’m typing slowly here because it’s a dark room, I cannot locate my glasses – hence the long paragraphs on this one, maybe …

… is aimed at the fat trolls, the losers that have never been out of Kansas, fat boys wannabe who haunt this site – my every move – despite me running in the opposite direction at the mere sight of them – despite me blocking them roundly everywhere, the fools that find a way to come back (truly, thats proof of the REAL Law of Attraction – that which you run way from truly does CHASE YOU!) – the nutjobs writing in about “how I look like a movie star“, “I have a sexy hair chest” – “why I dont wear red all the time” (goddamn, I thought that was women that the clothes comments were reserved for, not a cranky dude who wears like a choice of three to five sweatshirts rotated logically between days) or “I look like a TV personality”  …and losers in general that hang on to my every word – not to listen to me and improve their own lot in life, but to talk about what I say, what I do, indeed, what I eat (a recent idiot wrote back about how “the meat should be arranged differently on the all meats platter” – like wtf??? This w.r.t the brief “all meats” video I posted a while back) – and I wouldn’t be surprised if these ass clown follow me to the bathroom in their dreams too (I know Glyn does). Ugh.

Externally, a lot of these nimrods pretend to have a life, when they’re called out on not having one, they troll me – since that is all they can do.

I welcome it x 10  – since I make lots of sales off it using the methods described in Profit Troll.

I welcome them much like I welcome the fools in my current living arrangement – two gynarchy obsessed Nazi feminists and “Buddha on Bed” – and a cuck that enables it all – because guess what – I make money off that too.

But to all you idiots – and there are so many, geez, this is  true case of being a celebrity – or feeling like one – before I actually am one in terms of sheer numbers.

Its like my books on the other site.

Like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, without knowing it, I wrote the books first – then the stories in them happened in real life – years down the road.

I met Ms Chen yes, but the book on her was written in 2014, I met her in 2019!

And its the same thing here.

I write a simple email to my list, all I want is for the list to read, and the rest to leave me alone, hell I even go out of my way and create videos to say I want to be left alone, and thats that …

… is it?

Instantly, trolls as far away as Greece (I’m referencing a certain fool from 2021 who paid to advertise here, then got cold feet apparently) hit their keyboards complaining about “why did he write this” – when it has nothing to do with them at all.

I put out videos about pushups, I have inane comments ranging from “sexy ni…!” – to God only knows what coming in (thank God I don’t allow comments in general on that site) – and I have inane “mentions” (all go to spam, but when I do check ’em) – mentioning me – with puffed, preened, bloated fat chest – “I can do that too, Mommy!” …

I put out a bloody video on pull-ups, not even thinking about anything else other than pull-ups, and some fat Bozo whose been haunting this place since last year and wont leave despite being booted from all social media, lists etc, blocked everywhere, he (she) still finds a way to come back like a certain Anne did in 2019 – shows up writing lonnnnnnnnnng monologues about it that I would not have known about admittedly had it not been for “Bald Benni”‘s “friends” alerting me to the fact.

I write a book – or two per year, and the trolls go to town on it, so do so called fitness “ex spurts” that try and break down the book simply to find weaknesses that dont exist in it,and so forth (and end up with “he didnt hire a make up artist to do his pictures”) …

I wrote about Squats, and my dictum in the book has already been taken as gospel by some “if you ain’t squatting you aint training” – people that are making GREAT GAINS in their own training from this book – and the rest, well, you’d think theyd go their own way but they go out of their own way to promote the book even though they claim they hate it while never having read it and whine about “who made this rule” (I made it, you idiot, isnt that obvious fat boy?)

I go to the park (again) to train – all by my lonesome – so much so that when I see people approaching me I literally usually move away to the other side of the park so they dont bother me with their horseshit (their loser horseshit I should say, these are losers and do nothings that will never do anything except while away their time – fritter away all the info I do give these guys because they never use it, ask the same moronic questions over and over again (like really dude, the answer dont change no matter how many times you pester me about it) – or whine about “that so impressive! you’re a strong boy!” and other inanity I really dont want in my life, but that which they have in tons in their lives – typical loser do nothing fanboy stuff).

(I can just predict a certain lard ass reacting to this and sending me his version of “strongggggggggggggggggggg arms bro“)

Like, another one of my pet peeves is folks I barely know calling me “bro” .. ugh.

I go to the park to train – again – and some ass clown shows up “I want to try your sunglasses on” (dude’s like 50, not exactly from the slums, probably has way more moola than I do, yet… ugh. Yeah, dude I’m too cool -but stay the fuck away from me please…but he wont. ADDICTED!!)

Like my friend Rueben once told me sagely about women.

“You’re an extremely good looking guy, no matter what you do, women are going to be interested in you!”

Thats true too … proof in the pudding, despite me being the caveman I am.

All of this is fine, of course. (and the woman part, I dont really mind it. Hehe).

Its what us celebs live with on a daily basis.

But it … gets … AGGRAVATING too.

If you’ve ever wondered why celebs keep saying “we need our space”, this is IT.

Man, I can understand what Napoleon Hill once said about getting his phone line disconnected and never being happier, because the minute it was connected, it started ringing – and wouldn’t stop, day, night, or in between.

For a long time I didnt do videos,  didnt do audio, just hit my list, now that I Am – well – they’re all coming out of the woodwork.

Again all of this is fine, but being the logical being I am, I’d rather FUNCTION – over adultation – which feels great, dont get me wrong, it pumps up my already inflated (rightly so in many regards) ego even more – but really, FUNCTION over all, like in my workouts.

What FUNCTION does this adultation serve?

And hence this email to all the phat bozos and Schofields out there – look, we all know your place in life is to be a fanboy, losers.

You’re too lazy – I repeat, too lazy – not too “incapable”, but too damn lazy, bratty and entitled to actually roll up your sleeves and make a difference in your own life – to do something that will better yourself – so you haunt, shamelessly ape, and troll.

You’re too fat to actually do the exercises I promote but you want to, so your compromise is writing long incomprehensible monologues on it.

Which is fine …

But let’s face it, and the proof’s in the pudding,despite being roundly KICKED from all my sites, videos etc – you’ll find a way to come back. You’re addicted to this here guy – or you wouldnt be eagerly reloading my site all the time to see “what he’s written next” – saliva dripping of thy fat jowls as you do so.

So why not simply come out in the open about it and tell me WHAT exactly you want from me. Hehe.

Isnt that simpler?

So trolls, losers, buffoons – look, thats fine, thats your lot in life, but to you guys – write back – TELL Me what videos you’d like me to do.

What do you WANT?

I mean, its like I keep asking my Dad, who in typical “cuck enabling” fashion shows up along with his wife to pester me every time my own wife throws a hissy fit.

To give you an example, last Saturday it happened … my wife has these inane rules about how “you must write down the lunch and dinner for the day so I can make it in advance” or plan, or what not.

Seems overkill to me, but I do it anyway.

Except, she changes it willy nilly, as the mood catches her.

And she often tells me about it too after changing it.

So to simplify matters, I just ask her “what should I write”.

Simpler, eh, after all it’s her decision apparently ultimately which is fine too.

When she’s in a good mood, she answers, bad mood – she snaps.

I’m not one to take any of that crap from women, and as I write in my book … I dont reply directly.

But what I do do inflames her to the extent she starts yelling up a storm, now according to gynarchy, men can’t yell back, they’re supposed to “take it”.

Molly coddle, whatever you call it.

And Dad shows up pestering me about “what can be done” – like Dad, fuck if I know. I didnt start it, I didnt bicker, I simply followed a rule your own gynarchy obsessed family set, and even that isn’t enough for these idiots.

I mean, ask the idiot that started it, not me.

(what he wants, of course is for me to say “its all my fault” when its the polar opposite, and that ain’t happening. Hehe).  (and for me not to “react” – which in my own way I damn sure will… hehe).

And according to him “living seperately” will resolve the issue, like Gee Whiz, Dad, wtf have I been doing all these years, exactly that, not like I need you to point out the bloody obvious.

True, covid fucked it all up in 2020 in that regard when China shut down and never re-opened until the “fag end of 2022” but even they have reopened now, not like I ever wanted to be living with a bunch of loons anyway, and you know this very well.

Like really, “what the fuck do you want, Dad?”

Honestly, I’d rather just ask him to get in the ring with me and be done with it, of course, that ain’t ever gonna happen either will it “Mano o Mano”. Hehe.

Same thing with these ass wads that keep haunting the place – tell me what you want, you losers, we all know you want recognition, Ill give it to you if you pay the price.

It has to be something that will help the doers, mind you – mindless posturing isn’t wanted, and puffing, preening and posing isn’t going to happen either.

But tell me what you want me to put out there, what you want to see, the next books you want to troll – at least lets be OPEN about it all.

I’m honest above all – about everything.

And to all the other losers that can’t stay away from me – indeed, this Schofield type would be more than glad to wipe my butt if I told them to (ugh) – stop whining, moaning, trolling etc – write back – tell me what you want me to put out next in terms of products.

If you want to be the best fanboy around here – well, promote these products, do it in a trolly manner if you want, post on forums etc, Instagram, whatever floats your boat, and report back to me with your results.

Trust me, I’ll give you the recognition you deserve when you do.

My entire point is, lets be open about all this fanboy stuff, not “behind the scenes fanboys or girls getting pissed off the “great one doesn’t even reply directly to them”” – and I AM talking to you DIRECTLY now, fanboys.

So lets do this – honestly.

Write back – let me know!

Don’t haunt me like a ghost. Be open about your fan boy status to Rahul Mookerjee – and he’ll reciprocate in kind and give you the recognition you deserve in that regard.

but this beating around the bush crap, not for me…

Alright, I’m out. Damn, that was longgg…



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – DOERS – if you’ve skipped past all that, goodie – heres the part that is relevant to you – write back and tell me what YOU Want to see next.

There’s so much going on around here, my friend, but as a doer, your feedback is the most important thing.

Hordes of you are “Silent doers”, and thats great, the best way.

Silence though ain’t always golden. Communication is the name of the game.

And sitting back thinking “I dont have the money” isn’t exactly the most productive thing either, the money will come if the WILL is there.

So, write back, let me know YOUR THOUGHTS TOO!

And thats that.

Sets, warm ups, and more …
- Do I count warm up as part of "muh" routine. Hehe.

Do I count warm-ups as part of my sets?

I originally wrote about this here

Today, I thought I’d get a few things off my chest while larking on about this topic – and I have in video format – here –

Along with a WHOLE host of other videos – check out the channel for more. I really have to get a better “fuggin” hehe angle on the side to side pull-ups and some of the more advanced pull-ups I plan on showing from “Pull-ups from STUD to Super STUD within WEEKS!” (with jump rope workouts)


Oh, and if you’re phat Benny or his ilk trolling both this site and my videos and shamelessly grabbing ideas off me – I mean seriously, I put out videos about something, and a whole bunch of trollish sorts write monologues about it themselves the day after – or hours after –  like seriously, can’t you fucks be a little more original? lol.

Then again, their logic goes thus “the internet is free, we’re on the internet, anything you post on the internet is fair game to be copied”.

Like cementing their loser status with a big fuckin capital L, not to mention some of these turds like fat Benny can’t even DO a single pull-up if they tried – at least not as in getting their chin above the bar. (well, I take back the “if they tried” part – they’re too lazy to do the needful in terms of trying).

Oh, and you fool – “China” isn’t Asia, and neither is Asia “China” – seriously, explaining these things to trailor park Benny’s – perhaps not worth my time or anyone’s – liberal “live on my wife loons” that dont know their ass from a hole in the ground …………. ah, but we went there before did we not. Hehe. Yeah, we did!

I get it – being successful means being aped – usually by lunatics and clowns that dont have a dime to their name let alone an actual business or any sort of real earning capabilities (or by fat trolls posing as some sort of an expert when the only exercise they do is finger flicks on Tik Tok or the potty walk from dining table to potty and back), but I suppose its good to call ’em out by name once in a while, since these ass wipes simply wont bugger off from here on their own (they’ll show up again anyway even if i call ’em out. Heh).

Apparently fat boy’s logic is someone can come up to you and pester you left, right center, up and down while you’re minding your own damn business and you have to be nice to them. (pander to them).

(much like what fat boy does himself around here – haunting this place like the ghost that never went away – see Ragini MMS for that one, hehe – hot chick if nothing else!) (or see 2, with the lovely Sunny Leone in it!)

(certainly not “Bald Benni MMS”, some of those shirtless pictures he’s spammed me with in the past with other fat guys that I can only guess are his boyfriends – just sick!).

Hmm — thats the liberal way, maybe. Fuck the liberal way, in case you didnt know.

And no, fat boy isnt the only one either, theres trolls out there of various sorts and I mention some of them in the video as well (some of these idiots writing back about my choice of clothing for one would be better off on the erotica site!)

My way is what the girl said in Texas Chainsaw Massacre … WELCOME TO TEXAS, MOTHERFUCKER! 

Hehe. Double barrelled at that!

Anyway. Seriously these clowns piss me off no end, but what are you going to, lunacy in general is what the world has effin descended into …

Thats that …

Oh, good news – we’re about to register another one of our business – I’ll keep y’all posted on that too, though its not a fitness related thing, but just an update for my list!

Always makes me happy, moving ahead no matter what – and thats what counts, in life, fitness, or anything else.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – To “Bald Benni” (another nutjob that was an employee here before I booted him for lack of results) – another clown who won’t stop haunting this joint if you paid him to (and thats saying something given he never has any cash), that hair be going at the rate of knots, and the nose is getting longer at about the same rate at sticking it where it dont belong, in case you didnt notice, its hangin down your fat jowls, almost …

One of my pet fuckin (no jokes please) peeves. other than #whiteknights that is.
- Goddamned lazy buffoons, the lot of them! Ugh.

And no, Youtube, I wont appeal your damned decision either, it ain’t surprising COMMON sense i

sn’t something liberal leaning companies are un-comfor-fuckin-table with …


Rahul Mookerjee

Why I rarely, if ever use the word “hate” …
- Energy, my friend.

No matter how much someone might piss me off – unless it’s Schofield level – I rarely, if ever use the word “hate”.

Thats not to say I dont “hate” things- everyone does – some things.

But way too many people use this word more than they should – hate – haters etc.

I use the word trolls and losers, and a hell of a lot more, but hate? Nah – I dont use it that much, nor would I want to – either use or FEEL true hate.

True hate, my friend, is an emotion that DESTROYS from the within.

Napoleon Hill spoke about constructive and destructive emotions in Think and Grow Rich – it applies to fitness, life, anything you might put your mind to – any goal.

If you’re consumed by hate, you might succeed for a while, but it will catch up to you.

If you, on the other hand use the ANGER fueled by hate as a propellant to bigger and better while you “forgive and forget” – well, then you’re on the right track my friend – my track.

Anyway, its a complex issue, thinking in PICTURES is what we all do. And words paint pictures in our minds – and hate paints too much of a negative emotion in my mind which I do NOT want to attract into my life.

More on this in a video today .


Workout wise, some great stuff as well!

And that my friend, is that – enjoy. Oh, PIck up Zero to Hero! for more motivation along with Gumption Galore – truly information from the trenches that actually works, proof in the pudding, unlike what the so called self help gurus teach …


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – the Jump Rope video was inspired by the “Iron Mike” discussion going on in the Ship. That is great stuff guys – keep it GOING!