Discotheque workout?

Dear Friend,

Was on my way today with the wife to a little bitty “village” (well, urban sprawl, but whatever) of sorts near where we live, and saw the most interesting thing.

We were orignally going there to pick up eggs and a few other essentials. Ended up picking up a few vegetables and other stuff as well – rather than pay the extortionate rates the clowns over here (where I live) charge. Ugh – thats another story for another time though!

On the way back to the egg guy, I noticed a neon light flashing from “underground” from one of the establishments.

Not a lot unlike what I saw in “another life” in another country if you get my drift (those that have read my previous emails will, hehe), but suffice it to say that loud, pulsating music was pounding on inside, and more than a few “oohs” and ah, and “grunts” were emanating galore (and I could hear everything clearly despite the noise outside).

Ok, so what is it then.

Rave party? Nah, not in this part of India – and not in most of India anyway. India despite all its outward appearances of modernity is still an uber-traditional nation, and for anything like that to happen in public – well, maybe in the next zillion years, or perhaps not even then.

Then I saw a couple of beefy dudes outside, “sizing” up the folks that walked by, myself included.

I grinned in their direction, and they looked away.

Bouncers, maybe? Perhaps … but ….

And then it struck me, as I saw the sign outside.

This wasn’t a disco at all. It was a goddamned GYM!

A gym with strobe lights – loud, pulsating rave music – “bros” posing as bouncers and God only knows what, and of course, plenty of pumping and toning and oiling going on inside (this last bit I got through a hurried peek after which I moved on – ugh!).

And before you dismiss this as another one of my rants against gyms – think again buddy.

The old timers – guys will REAL strength, physicality and conditioning often used gyms – and old time gyms are amongst the BEST places you can train.

No fancy shmancy nonsense. No mirrors. Certainly no oil. And most certainly no jackasses working out to music you wouldn’t want to listen to when drunk, let alone when supposedly sober. Ugh.

The average old timer would turn over in their grave and mutter mournfully if only they knew what gyms have come to become (and symbolize) …

And even this isn’t the main point of this email.

The dudes outside had big huge shoulders.

Rippling biceps with several veins showing. Chests that looked they could rival Arnie in his prime, and likely did.

And of course, the “body hugging” T shirts. One of them even said “F CUK” (spelt that way), and the guy was wearing it with attitude to boot.

And then, as I cast my eyes downwards, I saw the bellies.

Virtually ALL the guys there had protruding bellies and flab they were trying to conceal under their “extra loose” (well, around the midsection) T -shirts, but it’s impossible to conceal three things in clothing, my friend.

The first being weak forearms, which they had. The second being “pelican legs”, which they had too.

Third being …well, I just told ya.

Sad part is, this is more common than you’d think. It’s not just this urban sprawl I’m referring to – walk into MOST gyms in the world, and you’ll see roid crazed storks on full display.

And it’s not the looks that really concern me. It’s the HEALTH that does. These guys couldn’t run – let alone sprint – to save their life – and as for pulling themselves up a few inches in case of an emergency?

Forgeeeeedddddd about it … them triceps would tear before anything of the sort happened.

Funny, and sad part is – that most of these guys are well AWARE of this situation, and yet choose to ignore it, thinking that it’s “either this or that”.

No its not.

You can pump’n’tone if you so choose – though you don’t need to – but you CAN – and SHOULD – also get your weight down while you’re at it!

For starters, why not pump out sets of Hindu squats while you’re doing the chest presses (between sets)?

I guarantee you that it’ll do far far more to burn the Belly of Buddha than  that leisurely jog on the treadmill will …

Or, let’s take forearms. The next time you consider doing “reverse wrist curls” or whatever the heck it’s called – – why not find a THICK bar to hang on to for as long as you can?

(That was a tip straight out of my bestselling grip manual “Gorilla Grip” …. more on the link above!)

You may (the average gym goer WILL) find that this one exercise gives you a better workout than ALL the other exercises in the gym combined – – and thats no exaggeration if we’re talking the average Joe.

Last, but not least, always remember the Paul Bragg fitness axiom.

“Never let your waistline get bigger than it was in it’s prime. Your waistline is your lifeline”.

Truer words were never uttered, my brother. Never ever. Whether or not you choose to take heed though is of course up to YOU!

Ok, I’m out for now. I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The 0 Excuses Fitness System has not just ONE, but several different exercises you can incorporate into your “pump ‘n tone” routines if you so choose.  And the great thing is – – not only will you become the envy of the rest of the bros at the gym once you get good at these – – but you’ll also improve your health and stamina greatly. That hanging belly will become a thing of the past, my friend. So do the smart thing and invest in your fitness right NOW -right HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/




A complete transformation

Dear Friend,

Well, so like I said in the last email – it’s been a busy, busy weekend for me – but one that was deeply fulfiling in many regards, as I got a couple of projects “off the backburner” and into “production”as it were.

Always feels good to finish “pending tasks” – and when one of those “tasks” is so close to my heart that it feels more like fun than a task, it feels EVEN better!

Anyway, I noticed a Facebook comment on one of my posts the other evening.

It was from a guy I “met” (online) way, way back in 2008 – when I was working for THAT company.

Yes, that company where I made them sales … and …well, I’m sure you know the story, eh?

For those that don’t know the story – it’s right HERE – – but anyway, so this is what the guy said.

(That link I just mentioned is a great resource for all you sales guys out there, by the way, so if you’re in sales, and aren’t managing to meet your targets etc – well – the info in here might help you – http://0excusesfitness.com/products/10-commandments-of-successful-sales/)

“Rahul, I’ve known you through Facebook for years now. You seem to have completely transformed yourself!”

Now that was a nice comment to get – especially from someone I don’t really chat with a lot – someone, who, like he said, I don’t really “know” offline . All I know about him is that he seems to be involved in the travel industry and judging by the gorgeous pictures he puts out regularly of himself “living it up” on his Facebook account – he’s doing well too!

Anyway, transformation is key, my friend – in ALL areas of your life.

You never stay stagnant – even if you’ve achieved a goal you’ve been wanting to for a long, long time.

You let it sink it – sure. You savor that winning feeling – – and finally having DONE it – – sure! But after that – you get right back on the stick in pursuit of more goals. Any other way, and you’ll be sliding downhill quicker than a rabbit running from a charged up grizzly – and this holds true both for life – as well as for fitness.

‘Tis the way life is, my friend. There’s no two ways about it – or around it, for that matter.

Now, what does this have to do with you, you might ask?

Well, simple.

I know a lot of you on this list are die hard “bodybuilders” and a lot of you DO indeed go to the gyms (or want to) and use the machines, cables, weights etc.

I know a lot of you DO exactly what I rail against most of the time i.e. pumping heavy weights, pumping’n’toning, enjoying the “chrome and fern” palaces, and so forth, and while you might expect me to go on a rant against said preferences today, here’s the truth – I’m not.

In fact, here’s my reaction to it – – NO problem, amigo.

Hey, I can show you the light – but if you still do prefer to live with the shoulder and back pain – if you still do prefer to have a weak grip that can barely hoist a weight without being strapped up multiple times – and so forth – well, no arguments from me there either!

Go for it is what I say – but remember one thing.

What if you could continue doing whatever it was you are currently doing – – and STILL transform yourself?

You may not have any interest in cardio – or health – or health from the inside out for that matter. The only thing you may be interested in is gaining as much as muscle as you can on your upper body – the “show muscles”, as it were.

The “bat wing” lats. The “rippling” chest. The “biceps with a peak”.

Yeah, yeah. I know, my friend. I know.

And what if there was a way that you could add in 0 Excuses stuff to your routine and ACHIEVE what you wanted – in addition to your “bodybuilding” and pumping with the bros at the gym?

Look, if an exercise is so tough that the average gym goer falls flat on his face trying to do it, doncha think it’ll build some serious, serious MUSCLE?

Don’t you think it’ll build some SERIOUS, SERIOUS strength?

And no I ain’t referring to Jane Fonda stretches either. I’m referring to real exercises – real MAN stuff as it were.

Let’s be honest. Even those of you that pump heavy weights have seen that guy at the pull bar that may be “slim” – but is STRONG as well – and LOOKS strong too, with the requisite “X” shape, etc.

I’ll bet you my bottom dollar you pause in your weightlifting to look at that dude pumping out 10 sets of 10 pull-ups in a row. And how do I know?

Well – I’m the latter guy – and I’ve seen it happen multiple times. Not even meaning to “brag”, but hey, thats just how it is!

Anyway, good news is this – there ARE bodyweight workouts that’ll make you grow bigger and stronger than ever – while you continue to pump your weights. And here is a course with workouts in it that will accomplish just THAT – – http://0excusesfitness.com/battletank-shoulders/.

I got through a Battletank workout last night, and believe me, my shoulders and traps are FEELING it today, my friend. Ooo-wwwwweeee!

Grab it now, and you’ll be on your way to YOUR own personal transformation, my friend – a JAW dropping transformation at that!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Don’t forget that I’ve got a few spots left in my coaching program as of today. These may not last too long, but if you’re really interested in some serious transformation – well – fill out the form and shoot me your goals right HERE – – and we’ll get straight back to you!


Controlling that “burbling” tummy

Dear Reader,

Many years ago, I remember being in an awkward situation (over and over again, by the way) when I was sitting in a meeting in a rather dank conference room up in New York.

It was a case of the runs – something like that, at least, and as always it came at the most INOPPORTUNE times.

While my diet and everything else wasn’t perfect at that time (hey, which 21 year old even thinks about diet, eh?) – – this problem had started a year or so ago when the pounds started to pile on to me (yes, I was at my unfittest when I was supposed to be at my fittest – – and vice versa as well!) – but had only now reached “stomach boggling” proportions.

For a long time, I just thought I had to put up with it. Live with the constant “rumbing in my stomach”. Live with the constant indigestion – and flatulence – apparently brought on by damn near ANY food item.

And so forth – and I DID live with it a while before going to a doctor (three, actually) and asking them what was up.

Their response was unanimous. “You’ve got IBS” (translates into irritable bowel syndrome”).

That malady in case you didnt know affects a HUGE percentage of the developed world and a fair bit of the developing world as well. And chances are good that if you’re over the age of 25 and reading this, you can identify with a lot of what I’m saying as well.

Now, the ole doc prescribed me pills etc for it, as well as “when to eat”, and “what to eat”, and what not to eat.

In fact, the whole prescription he gave me looked more like an exhaustive manual than a prescription – and rest assured I gave up trying to follow it after a week or two.

Did it help for that week? Well, somewhat – but not really.

Strangely enough, though I was way overweight at that time none of these fine medical professionals recommended EXERCISE done the right way, though one of them did recommend “pounding the pavement”.

“You need to go jogging”, he mused, looking me up and down with a tired eye as he might “another specimen”. “Slow cardio done for at least 45 minutes straight, and be careful not to get your heart rate up too high!”

Well, needless to say that didn’t go over too well.

When I moved to China a year or so later, and started my hill climbs and other things I did there – these problems all disappeared – along with a LITANY of other health problems I had, but here’s the thing.

Now, you might be thinking this would be the perfect time for me to pop “Advanced Hill Training” onto ya, right?

Well – yes – it IS – but thats not why I’m writing this to you.

Not all of us have a hill nearby our homes where we can workout. Although the routines in the manual above can and should be done on flat land as well, not everyone is in the sort of shape you need to be in to crank out these routines ad infinitum.

What if you need a fix from this annoying issue NOW – while you get your weight under control too?

Well – good news is THIS. It EXISTS.

And it involves exercise, yes, but perhaps not of the type you’d think – at least not all the exercises.

It involves core workouts – workouts done specifically for the CORE, my friend – and while they tax the entire body, the KEY area they tax is the CORE.

I’ve detailed these exercises in my new course “Corrugated Core” – which you can pick up right here – http://0excusesfitness.com/corrugated-core/.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that any 3-5 of the FIFTY exercises I give you in this book will not only give you the “X “taper and 12 pack of your dreams – but it’ll also help you bid adieu to IBS and other annoying gastrointestinal issues you’ve been having.

When the internal organs of the core start to work well – EVERYTHING starts to work – as it was intended to.

And I should know, hehe. I no longer find myself “scouting out the place” for an usable toilet as I did in the past – and neither will you once you start on these exercises!

50 different exercises that take you from beginner – to intermediate – to ADVANCED. Indeed a steal for the price I’m offering it right now, so grab it NOW before the price goes up, up , up!

Here is that link again for you – http://0excusesfitness.com/corrugated-core/


Rahul Mookerjee


Dare to DREAM!

Dear Reader,

So today was another goal struck off the list – another task accomplished as it were.

Many of you on this list likely remember me referring to monthly newsletters a while back. If you recall, I had asked you (those on the list, at least) what you’d think of a monthly fitness tips newsletter, and the response was pretty good.

I had a lot on my  plate at the time, and didn’t really get around to incorporating this concept – but I have now – and the FIRST edition of the 0 Excuses Fitness Newsletter (July 2018) can be accessed right HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/monthly-fitness-tips-newsletter/.

I should be coming out with a new edition each month – even more brutally honest and “off the cuff” as I usually am. Or perhaps “straight up”, as my friend from the Marines recently put it!

Whatever you term it – – the newsletters are finally HERE – and here to STAY!

The July 2018 issue deals with something I’ve dealt with a lot of times in the past – that being “daring to dream”.

Most of us have been programmed NOT to dream and to “think practically” amongst other things, and as a result our hidden desires – our innermost dreams and goals – and what we really really want out of our life are usually SUPPRESSED – and that ain’t a good thing.

I’m here to tell you it’s still there – and fitness wise, if the dream wasn’t there, you wouldn’t be at this site. It’s that simple.

Anyway, I give you some up front and personal info in the July issue – – along with some pictures from my all time favorite flat blasting tool – the HILL.

And of course, you’ll get a killer workout at the end of it all that you’ll be able to do anywhere – let alone on a hill like I’ve mentioned.

Hurry on over, then, and check it out right here – – http://0excusesfitness.com/monthly-fitness-tips-newsletter/


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I’m going to be coming out with an “all in one package” – – a “0 Excuses Ship” if you would – – an ALL in one members are where you’ll get access to ALL my paid content for ONE set value. That’s right, ONE membership fee will cover it all. I’m going to be putting this up on the site shortly – – but if you’re interested, shoot me an email and I’ll get you the fees etc in advance BEFORE it’s up on the site, along with access as well!

Train your body from ALL angles and ALL directions

Dear Reader,

Came back home after a great, great workout today – and found the wife/daughter in a bit of a cranky mood, the daughter EXTRA cranky.

She’s been extra moody and cranky over the past week or so. Part of that was her health – she’s been down with the flu and only just recovering, but the bad mood seems to be affecting my wife as well …

Anyway, they were in a “royal” bad mood when I returned if you get my drift, but though I could have joined the “bad mood” party – I did nothing of the sort.

Mostly because I knew what was going on.

Due to the monsoon my daughter hasn’t been going to the basketball class she normally goes to – and has been going stir crazy looking at the Tee Vee and dumbphone galore (after school).

Not to mention stuffing herself to the gourd with junk food. Sure, allowances can be made for a 4 year old, but that was basically what caused her body to break down ultimately and the flu to “manifest” fully if that makes sense (one little thing, then another … and then … you get the drift, I’m sure!).

“Let’s go on outside to the park”,  I suggested.

And after some dillying, dallying, and punching Papa, off it was to the park, and my daughter’s mood changed almost as soon as we stepped outside – for the better.

There’s a lesson to be learnt from this.

Don’t give a young kid enough physical activity, and he/she will go STIR crazy – much like a domestic dog – or any other animal in the wild would if kept “cooped up”.

Anyway, one of the games we played with her was “catch me if you can”, which basically involves running as fast as you can and not letting the other person catch you.

Sounds simplistic, but this type of thing can give the average adult / gym goer the workout of their LIVES – especially if the persons involved run FAST!

My wife used to run back in the day, and I was getting her to run as well as I ran after her – and run she did – but NOT straight.

No, it was like a grizzly chasing a rabbit – the minute I got to her, she’d take off in a different direction.

A most enjoyable workout, and let me tell you, though I’m used to sprinting straight, doing so in circles and in “stop-start” patterns got my heart pumping pretty well too.

And that’s pretty much what I want to tell  you – and what I’ve said in Advanced Hill Training as well – although I don’t remember if I mentioned it explicitly – but the pictures do a darn good job of showing you anyway.

Training in all angles and directions is also what you do when you’re doing the majority of the pushups in 0 Excuses Fitness – be they reverse, Hindus, tables, or any others.

THIS, my friend is the true way to train – Nature’s way if I may say – as opposed to grunting out reps with a heavy ass bar with your back on the bench – an utterly ridiculous movement if  I might say so.

Let me ask you this – does the bench have ANY cross over to regular physical activities in daily life – or combat?

Is there a situation you face daily or in combat where you’re in the benching position and struggling to push a weight off off you ( and no – wrestling ain’t it either – thats a completely different ball of wax!)

Hmm … I hear crickets. I didn’t think so either, hehe.

So that’s today’s tip – train from all angles and all directions – and do so with vim, vigor and intensity. You’ll be all the better off for it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is where you can pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

Grizzly bear fitness

Dear Reader,

Woke up this morning to a huuuuggggge hug from my little girl – a “grizzly bear hug” if there ever was one.

As she literally tried to squeeze the life out of me in her own version of the bear hug, the “grizzzzzzzzzlllleeeeeeee” chant was ringing around all over the bedroom – and it was both hilarious and satisfying to say the least.

Other than crushing my paws (her version of Gorilla Grip), she’s been squeezing the life out of me as of late as well – – aka the mighty Grizzly, hehe.

If there was ever a 0 Excuses 4 year old – THIS is it!

Anyway, for those of you on this list, you know that the grizzly is by far my favorite animal, and with darn good reason.

Grizzlies are immensely strong and powerful – and that bulk does NOT make ’em slow either.

I’ve watched grizzlies chasing MICE downhill – and WINNING! I’ve also seen them haul off moose weighing tons in their jaws – while running UPHILL – as if they were carrying a baby within their jaws!

Not only that – bears are intelligent creatures, and closer to home, they’ve been proven to turn over and play with 600 lb plus dumpsters with EASE – much as you might with a beach ball.

Whew – and if that wasn’t enough – I just saw a video of a grizzly waiting patiently by the waterside for the right fish to show up – and when it did – BAM!

That massive body moved like a flash – muscles bulging and entire body “melting” in one, huge, gigantic rocket propelled towards a target – and it was off as soon as it got the fish as well.

In a flash – whew!

Now, I’ve mentioned how the bear crawl can be one of the MOST beneficial exercises out there for you. I’ve mentioned this ad infinitum, and yet the exercise remains one of the most overlooked and oft-ignored exercises there is.

Don’t believe me?

Well, get down on the floor – in the right position, and start cranking out sets of bear crawls. The average pot bellied adult would be hard pressed to even get into the position – and as for the average gym goer – about 20 minutes or so of crawling around in the BASIC position is all it takes.

And as for advanced? Well, let’s just say the advanced variants are what prompted me to create Advanced Hill Training – the exercises contained therein are literally exercises that even advanced athletes have been known to “flop out on” when really pushed!

Advanced Hill Training is available right HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/advanced-hill-training/

I still remember the “Xiong Mao” cries of astonishment and wonderment ringing out as I practised these exercises outdoors – especially during “peak” times, such as Lunar New year 2018, which is when this product was created.

Boy oh boy oh BOY – what a blast it was!

I’ve also got the friendly “bao an” to thank for being gracious enough to take the pictures for that book – – along with a friendly restaurant owner who was kind enough to offer me some “victuals” when the entire town was closed – or darn near, hehe.

As for fat burning, rest assured that while the “regular” bear crawl WILL burn tons of fat and WILL get your muscles working in a way that they never have before, the advanced variants are something ELSE altogether.

What I stated on the sales page is NOT mere “hype”. You WILL literally feel – and see – the fat MELTING off your frame as you progress through the routines – and that ain’t no exaggeration, my friend.

Best part is this – even the average couch potato can jump up and do a few sets of these – and get the workout of his or her life within the space of a few minutes.

And if you don’t believe me … well, just check out the exercises yourself right HERE – – and be PREPARED to blown away by what you EXPERIENCE!

Ok, my friend, thats all for now. My shoulders be a sore from all the bear hugging, and I’m off to get some rest.

More later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – – BTW, the “Monday merriment” sale ends SHARP tomorrow. For all those that haven’t taken advantage, check out the post yesterday -and take action NOW!

Monday Funday SALE!

Dear Reader,

Well, it seems I certainly WAS knackered on Saturday – about all I did on Sunday was workout (of course)- spend a bit of time with the fam – work a bit more on some biz – and that was about it.

But, today is MONDAY – a day that while it inspires “dread” into the average office goer’s mind does exactly the opposite for me.

Monday – the start of yet another glorious week doing what I truly LOVE – and enjoy doing – that being to bring the very best in fitness techniques and methods to folks like YOU!

Now, I remember telling you I was brewing beer last Monday – in the morning of all timings, hehe. The rice beer is still “brewing” – I think I’ve ended up making wine instead of beer there – but the beer I brewed with BREAD is going GREAT – and those of you on our social media accounts know what I BE yellin about!

And in this merry spirit – here is something I’ve decided to do RIGHT NOW.

I’ve decided to do something I rarely, if ever do – which is to have a SALE.

That’s right – a SAAAAAALE! Discounts. Coupons. Save a few bucks. You get the drift, hehe …

Here is what is going on in this “merry” sale of mine – you’ll get a 25% FLAT discount off the 0 Excuses Fitness System – – which I KNOW many of you are itching to buy, but haven’t as yet.

All you gotta do is enter in the coupon code “MONDAYMERRIMENT” in the box – and it should take care of the discount.

But beware. This sale will not last ONE minute more than Wednesday – and I may even consider pulling it before that based upon demand, downloads etc – so if you’re interested in getting in while the going is good – NOW is the time, my friend.

Hurry on over HERE, and take advantage of this right NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – We’ve been receiving applications galore for affiliates as well (as I mentioned on Saturday) and if you’re interested – here is where you can apply – http://0excusesfitness.com/affiliate-home/

Man am I knackered or WHAT?!

Dear Reader,

Ok, so was a busy day here at 0 Excuses headquarters to be sure. We’ve been receiving plenty of interest from affiliates (i.e. folks interested in promoting our products) as of late, and this has led to a lot of “backlog” in terms of paperwork, approvals etc.

That reminds me – I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but the affiliate link is right HERE – http://0excusesfitness.com/affiliate-home/. If you’re interested, feel free to sign up and register, and we’ll get you approved rightaway after a few simple questions.

Anyway, I was going to finish off my day with a high intensity pull-up/sprint workout – something along the lines of, but not quite exactly the same as what I’ve mentioned in Advanced Hill Training (ah yes, one of my all time favorites – and a course that is sparking a lot of interest right about NOW!).

But Nature wasn’t in tune with my plans today. It started to rain around 4:00 P.M. or so, and that put paid to any plans of any outdoor workouts.

So I took it indoors – as I often do.

And as I often say, of course – the best thing (or one of the very best at any rate) about the 0 Excuses Fitness stuff I do and promote is the ability to get super cracking workouts in anywhere – leaving you with no chance for excuses.

But, I did something different today.

My entire workout lasted around 30 minutes – and BOY was I KNACKERED at the end of it!

I’m sitting here right about now (around an hour or so after it), and I’m starving to death. Not only that, I feel like I’ve been put through  my paces – all without doing a single pull-up or even regular pushup – let alone sprint.

Well, no. That last bit ain’t quite accurate – I did sprint style workouts – except I used the heavy bag.

I hit it hard and heavy today, and believe me, a good workout on the heavy bag will make you FEEL it – all over your body!

But hear me out here – it needs to be done the right way.

A lot of trainers have folks do 5 minute rounds on the bag, thinking it prepares them better for actual fight conditions (3 minutes each).

There may be some logic to this thinking, but thats generally NOT how it works practically. What happens is boxers end up pacing themselves for the longer duration, which beats the entire purpose which is to get in better cardio and overall shape.

Personally, after a brief warm up  I’ll hit the bag as hard as can – and as FAST as I can – WITHOUT compromising form.

WITHOUT letting my shoulders droop. And so forth.

And believe me, when you blend the intense stuff in with the “regular” heavy bag stuff, 2 minutes starts to feel like an eternity – let alone 3 or 5.

But the best part isn’t what I do DURING those few minutes.

That isn’t what gets the fat burning either – well, not at full blast, anyway.

What (and hold on to your hats – this is gonna surprise you) really gets the fat melting is what I do during my brief rest periods between rounds on the heavy bag.

Instead of “standing in one spot” as many people do, I dropped down to the floor and knocked out 30 table pushups in proper form, and then 20 Hindus.

Back to the heavy bag, and then 25 reps of the best darn exercise there is … and believe me, I was FEELING It by then.

When you combine the best darn exercise there is with pull-ups or hitting the heavy bag – well – WATCH out is all I can say! You’ll be reaching elite levels of strength and fitness soon enough if you keep doing it regularly.

And so forth. Truth be told, I could have substituted a bazillion different exercises as included in the System during my rest periods – – Hindu squats would be another great choice if I really wanted to torch the entire body.

This is yet another thing that’s so awesome about my System! It gives you so many choices that you’ll never ever get bored – and will always manage to get a great, great workout in – even during inclement conditions.

I’m feeling GREAT – and  I’ll sign off on that note for now. Pick up the System right HERE if you’re so inclined – and start experiencing the “feel great” endorphins coursing through  your body as you dive into the exercises!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The “best darn exercise ever” is one that is a) often overlooked in a training regimen and b) an exercise most fitness trainers and athletes alike have NO clue on how to do correctly. I spent a long time learning how to do this correctly – and I’ve put together the goods on this for you right HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/products/pushups-reverse-pushups-the-best-darn-exercise/

Boundless exuberance!

Dear Reader,

TGIF! Although to be honest, the first thing on my mind when I woke up this morning was not “TGIF” – it was a bit of a muffled “Back to sleep, sweetie” sort of sigh if that makes any sense.

What do I mean?

Well, my little girl’s been up since 6:30 A.M. this morning – actually RARING to go to school today – and why?

It’s FRIIIIIIDDDAAAAAAAYYY, Papa! And that of course means no more school for two days, and she was so thrilled about it that she probably dreamed of it all night long (judging by the smiles on her face, anyway).

This exuberant attitude was on display right until the front gate of the school – and when normally it’s a bit of a “slow walk” to class, she practically BOUNDED in today.

Photos are on Instagram (and Twitter a few days ago) – and as for my “go back to sleep?”

Well, it was pouring right about 4:15 or so (right, THAT time, hehe) in the morning, and we had left our clothes out to dry, so it was off to get ’em back in. Then it was time to give the “baby gorilla” some water as she was coughing.

By the way, this little girl has turned into a bonafide grip MONSTER – at the tender age of 4.5. And if you don’t believe me, I can show you her “paw” marks on my fingers as she furiously tries to, as she says “squooosh Papa’s hands between hers” (and her feet too!).

And if a 4 year old can do it, then YOU, my friend  can benefit IMMENSELY from what I teach you in Gorilla Grip (Advanced) as well. Grab it now if you so choose, and watch your grip strength skyrocket almost immediately.

And then finally as we went back to bed – our little one woke us up again, hehe. “Daddy! It’s Friday! Yay! Junk food dayyyyyyy!”

Anyway, my point in saying all this, you ask?

Well, it’s to point THIS out – little kids live life the way it should be lived.

Each day is a NEW one – with past mistakes erased confidently from the pysche. Each day is one of amazement, and wonderment – and they find something to look forward to DAILY without fail – and WITH boundless excuberance, zest, vim, vigor and GUSTO!

‘Tis Nature’s way, my friend. Ever seen an adult tiger – or elephant – or croc, for that matter, wake up and hit the snooze button and groan about “another long day ahead”?

I didn’t think so, my friend.

It’s wake up – and then BANG – off to work as it were. A new day, as they say!

As adults we’d do well to learn from both these examples. Now granted, kids aren’t immune to a case of “well, Monday’s around the corner either” – apparently my daughter had that thought in mind too, but it was a teeny weeny one, and one that I quashed almost instantly after she brought it up as an afterthought.

“Live in the moment, honey! Enjoy TODAY – and enjoy the next two days!”

“Monday will come – but we’ll deal with it when it comes!”

And truth be told, the only reason she even brought that up was because of an overly “cautious” (I’m being polite here) adult who constantly tries to pester her into doing the exact opposite of what she’s meant to be doing at her age (and all ages).  Not gonna mention her here, but you probably get my drift …

Key takeaway from all this – is – this – live in the MOMENT, my friend. There truly is no other way.

When it comes to fitness, don’t worry about the bad workout you had yesterday – or what you “think” you may have today.

Don’t worry about “how difficult” the workouts may be – or not.

Don’t worry about the lookie lou’s. Dont’ worry about the gym gorillas telling you pushups don’t build strength. Oh yes they dooooooooo – big time!

Just get on the floor – or chinning bar if you so choose, and start cranking out your 0 Excuses Fitness stuff, my friend.

Live in the moment. Workout in the moment. And so forth.

There truly is NO other way!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Quote of the morning – “Be happy in the HERE and now. That’s really all we need – not more!”.

P.S. #2 – And as far as the gym gorillas and naysayers are concerned, well, HERE is another way to shut ’em up. Get to the point where you can do 10 – or more – perfect pull-ups at a go, and keep doing ’em for reps. Do it in the gym. Watch mouths drop as your bat wings SPREAD!

What a Chinese masseuse can teach you about STRENGTH

Dear Reader,

Many years ago, when I first came to China in 2003 – the MASSAGES (of all types, if you get my drift, hehe) were something that were high on my list of things “to experience”.

And truth be told, it was NOTHING like what I had expected – especially the foot massages, which were my first initiation into the wonderful world of massage in China.

We in the West think of foot massages as something that are “pleasurable, relaxing and romantic” – and yet the reality is the polar opposite in China.

While you’re generally tended to by gorgeous young masseuses in uniforms, the “pleasure” aspect generally stops there (if we’re talking MASSAGES as opposed to, well, “something extra” if you get my drift).

I literally used to be yelling out loud as the masseuse would first knead and pummel every knot out of my upper back while my feet were soaked in hot water.

After this, it was on to the shoulder – and when they’d dig deep into the shoulder joint, the pain used to be so “excruciating” that I’d literally bellow for them to stop – and they wouldn’t.

Giggle, giggle, and on they’d go – and more of the same to the soles of the feet.

What was amazing was this – they could literally tell what was wrong with  my body (at the time) by looking at the soles of my feet.

I had liver problems back in ’03 – and the masseuse that I met on my very first visit pointed it out, along with the fact that I was overweight at the time.

I had shoulder issues as well – but hold on. This isn’t about my issues, is it?

No, it’s about STRENGTH – and believe me, these tiny little girls (usually weighing around 50-60 kgs soaking wet if even that) – have the strength to work on adult men – gargantuan men at that –  all day long without breaking a sweat.

And what strikes me the most is the way they actually adminster the massages.

Anyone thats been to a true Chinese style massage will tell you that the thumbs and fingers are used to dig into problem areas and literally “wring” the stale energy out of the muscle or tendon.

They’ll poke, prod, twist, feel, turn – and generally do everything they can in their power to resolve the issue (and I had many, thats for sure) – – and when it’s over, you’ll feel like a billion bucks.

Quite literally – it’s a feeling I’ve never gotten after a Western style massage.

And though YOU will be feeling on cloud nine, the fact remains that some serious grip, finger and forearm strength is required on the part of these masseuses to administer said massages – that too ALL day long.

And thats just one part of it. If you book two hours with these ladies, the second hour involves (amongst other things) them literally “twisting you into a pretezel” and getting you into a semi-back bridge even if you’ve never done it before.

Pop, crackle, pop! I still remember the snaps that emanated from my back the first time a lady pulled me into that back bridge (when I least expected it).

The back bridge, and all it’s variants, btw are great exercises for back and spine health, and feature prominently in 0 Excuses Fitness. A great alternative to regular visits to the chiro – if you so choose!

(0 Excuses Fitness is available right here – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/)

Anyhow, how do these young ladies build this sort of incredible strength in their wrists, fingers and forearms?

How do they literally go all day long for HOURS – massaging one client after the other – with seemingly little fatigue?

Well, there are many reasons, but one prime trick is something that most of us know, and yet most of us ignore.

This one trick is a favorite for old time strongmen and wrestlers as well – and it is – the fingertip pushup.

There are many ways that fingertip pushups are being taught out there, and believe me, there is a right way to do ’em – and MANY wrong ways.

Do ’em the wrong way, and risk a finger popping out or worse (remember my January incident I spoke about? Ouch!).

Do ’em the right way, however, and you’ll build fingers like iron claws – and forearms of steel and rebar, if I might say so.

Believe me, if one of those ladies got a hold to your paw and were to give it a massive squeeze – you’d FEEL it. They’ve got some serious, serious grip strength going on – and given their tiny size, that is NO mean accomplishment either.

And since it’s so easy to use improper form on this excellent exercise, I teach you EXACTLY how to position the fingers and fingertips in the 0 Excuses Videos. Well worth a see – and even if you’re not interested in fitness, strengthening your hands this way will get rid of that nagging wrist pain many of you experience on a regular basis (sound familiar, huh?).

On another (last) note, the ladies I’m referring to were required to do uptil 500 fingertip pushups daily before they were even ACCEPTED in their positions.

It might have changed now, but thats how it was back then.

Think about it. 500 pushups a day. 500 FINGERTIP pushups a day.

Would it build strength? Fitness? BRUTE strength in the fingers and wrists?

Methinks YES!

Well, my friend – thats what I had to share with you this fine ‘here Thursday morning. I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Yes, I could have promoted Gorilla Grip as opposed to tell you what I just did (a trick that by itself has the potential to turn you into a grip monster) – but the truth is that fingertip pushups are but ONE of the exercises contained in Gorilla Grip. Grab both these excellent manuals right HERE – http://0excusesfitness.com/gorilla-grip/ (the basic manual that’ll knock the average gym rat’s socks off)  and http://0excusesfitness.com/gorilla-grip-advanced/  (advanced – it’ll have even strongmen screaming for mercy!)